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19 Nov

Nanyang police response to grab a ticket: non – competition evaluation tasks in a fine new Beijing, Nanyang in November 14, (Liu Peng) two days, Henan Nanyang police grab a ticket "event has been widespread public concern, netizens questioned the waves. Traffic police fines really have a task? Where does the fine go? This incident forced under the billing "nag" who is it? 14, 2009, Nanyang traffic police department to answer one by one. This month, 11, there is a short video uploaded by netizens, Henan, Nanyang police suspected of competing for the right to pass the vehicle is being pinched each other". A young police officer in another police car, said, you open your (ticket), I open my, who can stop (illegal vehicles) who is the ability, who does not affect who, the task is completed." The young police officers in the police don’t advise each other but at the same time, also said the leadership was "old horse" by force, if not open a ticket to go back will be scolded. The police officers, the other party is open earlier in somewhere on duty when the other officers have "pry live" fine behavior, but did not speak to express their dissatisfaction. A day after the video upload, Nanyang traffic police department released the evening of 12, informed that the traffic management detachment Nanyang Municipal Public Security Bureau decided to stop someone’s police officers to perform their duties, and shall be ordered to make a profound examination. The event by the media attention, the network heat continued to rise, questioning is the sound can be heard without end. Whether there is a traffic police ticket task indicators?" Police in order to deduct a percentage of the Commission, fine go?" "Forced a ticket horse who is subordinate?" And other issues continue to cause netizens questioned. In addition to the above many users comments, many netizens said that the traffic police department should be strict in enforcing the law, violators are prosecuted, but if want to give law enforcement law enforcement to apportion tasks, so it changed the flavor. The voices of doubt, the two day of the 14 day of Nanyang as one falls, another rises, the traffic control detachment Chus responsible person told the reporter, the video police in "old horse" sixth Service Battalion tactical squadron captain. Chus responsible person said that the Nanyang police department has never been to law enforcement officers had assessed fines. "We are a kind of performance evaluation, competitive, with the score calculation. For example, how many points to punish a drunk driving, the number of points in the squadron." For Internet users questioned the whereabouts of fines, the responsible person said, the traffic police department has never seen any money (fine), the parties to the bank to pay the fines into fiscal accounts. The netizens believe that police have a commission, said it is impossible. Then, the same place in the video police said there will be another group of police rushed to the scene to explain the on duty? The responsible person, Nanyang traffic police detachment, just before the adjustment, so in the course of duty, such as drunk driving and other serious traffic violations, traffic police will sometimes multijurisdictional duty. The official further explained that the mention of "cause public misunderstanding" notification, because people hear the "task" of the word, as a fine task. Police said, ‘task’ is the assessment, evaluation of a task. In fact, this matter is between two people (dispute), there is no omission, just the two words相关的主题文章: