Nankai University female toilet infested sick man finally

05 Jun

Nankai University women’s toilet of abnormal man finally caught the recent, in Nankai University eight Li Tai campus two main school self-study class of female students, found a strange figure: obviously is an uncle, how to always go to the female toilet drill?! In a small series for the wonderful community of many years of experience, is a medium nine out of ten allergic ah…… Indeed! Small by the Security Department of Nankai University confirmed that the man was the control really suspicious appearance and movements, also attempted to escape, now have been handled by the police! The cause of the matter is that the school security department has been receiving the classmate alarm, said that now eight mile campus two main building unidentified men into the women’s toilet. Eight mile campus monitoring command center immediately launched special detection work, and strive to quickly capture illegal suspects. Around 10 o’clock in September 25th, when the suspect appeared again in the two main building five floor and entered the female toilet, the patrol officers immediately notify the security patrol to the two main building five building arrest, the suspect after being alerted to escape outside the building. Under the joint efforts of the monitoring command center and the public security patrol team, he successfully captured him in the southwest village. At present, the suspects were brought back to the security station and transferred to the police station. You know, there are two security guards coming out of the main building to check the student ID card at the door. The man is really suspicious appearance and movements deliberately plan, to finally be pulled out. Old Gu abnormal female toilets, just want to peep what actually is a fixed point peep candid: 1, from the use of public toilets candid block, victims rarely rise. 2, lateral videotaping, basically use the bottom space of public toilets. 3, back to candid camera, basically use a variety of camouflage effect pinhole camera, placed in the wastebasket, even fixed in the urinal. 4, there is a high technology, is the wireless way in the appropriate location of the door pin hole, will be closed with the victim, automatic shooting. This is the first perspective, the victim is basically being photographed violations at a glance.

南开大学女厕所出没的变态男子终于抓住了   近日,在南开大学八里台校区二主楼自习上课的女同学,发现一个奇怪身影:明明是个大叔,怎么总往女厕所里钻?!以小编摸爬滚打奇葩界多年的经验,介十有八九是个变态啊……事情果不其然!   小编得到南开大学保卫处证实:那名男子确实形迹可疑,被校方控制时还企图逃跑,如今已经交由警方处理了!   事情的起因是校保卫处陆续接到同学报警,称发现在八里台校区二主楼有不明身份男子进入女厕所。八里台校区监控指挥中心随即开展专项侦破工作,力争快速抓获违法嫌疑人。   9月25日10时左右,当该嫌疑人再次出现在二主楼五楼并进入女厕所时,巡视人员立即通知治安巡逻队员赴二主楼五楼进行抓捕,该嫌疑人受惊动后还楼外逃窜。   在监控指挥中心和治安巡逻队员共同努力下,最终成功在西南村将其抓获。目前,嫌疑人被带回保卫处并移交学府街派出所处理。   要知道进出二主楼会有保安在门口查询学生证,校外人员可不是想进就能进。形迹可疑的男子真可谓是处心积虑,到最后还是被揪了出来。   变态老光顾女厕所,无非就想偷看啥的   其实偷看偷拍是有固定点位的:   1、从上偷拍利用公厕的格挡,受害者很少会抬头。   2、侧向偷拍,基本是利用公厕底部空间。   3、背向偷拍,基本利用各种伪装效果的针孔摄像头,放置于纸篓处甚至固定于便池中。   4、还有一种高技术的,是用无线方式在门板适当位置设置针孔,会随着受害者的关门,自动拍摄。这是第一视角的,受害者基本是被偷拍侵犯的一览无遗。相关的主题文章: