Nanjing mountain cave hidden dark wild spa 1.5 meters deep underwater-1256789

17 Apr

Nanjing mountain cave hidden "the wild dark dragon palace 1.5 meters deep hot spring" in September 14th, the Yangtze Evening News Edition reported A24 two workers on 3 kilometers to Nanjing Pukou District Zhu mountain river "Biquan" wash free clothes stolen a hot field. This is what the wild hot spring charm to make people attracted to? Recently, the Yangtze Evening News reporter on the "Biquan" hot field visits found that the bubble hot spring spa pool is actually quite thrilling, hiding in the cave completely, inside the dark, and complex terrain. Reporters suggested that this place has a protective value of wild hot springs, there are no small security risks, should cause attention. Yangzi Evening news media reporter Ren Guoyong looking for hidden cave entrance and Spa Biquan, Tibet Bush reporter search on Biquan introduction, found that very few, only know the road is located in Nanjing District of Pukou Taigong 6.8 kilometers zhugushan river. Recently, the reporter went to the mountain a nameless Zhu River bridge. Zhu Shan Henan side is a mountain, the locals call it PigHead mountain, mountains and rivers around the foothills, Zhu San shuilv. The road between the river and the mountain is called the construction site. Local guidelines, two buildings and abandoned buildings bed an obscure bridge southeast side of the river, where the hidden in the cave entrance Biquan beside the bushes. Highway subgrade mountains down to a river, tens of meters long stone, stone in the legislature "district level cultural relics protection units" of the stone, the monument reads "biquan". Yangzi Evening News reporter learned from the departments of cultural relics, Jiaqing nine years (1804) Jiangsu governor Kang Jitian to see the water is green, renamed the "Biquan", and build a pavilion built soon collapsed again without reconstruction. In 1983, Biquan was listed as the district level cultural relics protection units. Along the stone steps down at the end of an artificial stone visible around the puzzle of the pool, to maintain a certain level of biquan. Standing on the edge of the pool to see the surrounding terrain, here is very hidden. Have the guts into stone, can enjoy the "world water source" Han Han, both inside and outside the visible water surging, thus dispersed between the gravel springs Biquan, visible at the spring, a spring into Zhu rivers, continue to explore its source, the reporter found that between the gravel gushing water is just the tip of the iceberg, more the water from the mountain between the stones. In between the stones, the reporter just met two guys in the hot spring water. "You are also to soak the hot springs, beware of clothes stolen oh." One of the guys warm reminder. Originally, the two of them are the people of Jiangxi, also saw the news come to spa. Can the hot spring place in the narrow crevice mouth? "It was very big, but it was pitch dark, and didn’t dare to go in." The guy said pointing to the stone from here, go inside, because the reported seeing someone would steal clothes, no flashlight plus, dare not thorough, they only slightly in the hole inside, feel the hidden but beautiful spot. Cave exploration "Dragon Palace" 1.5 meters deep, the head is a stalactite reporter decided to Jiangxi with two small stones together into the hole under the irregular, a big half submerged in the spring, only wide enough for one side after. Down stone.相关的主题文章: