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15 Apr

Nanfang Daily: why the game can become competitive? – View – People’s original title: why the game can become competitive? September 3rd, by the State Sports General Administration of chess and sports management center and Internet service business place Industry Association jointly sponsored the national competitive two hit a poker tournament officially launched in beijing. At the same time, the management center also announced that the folk Fun Chess game Landlords as the prototype of the game two playing a poker, has become the center of the recognition of intellectual sports. "Landlords" is what we are familiar with a poker game with simple rules, diverse gameplay, has become many people talk to the previous game. Ordinary people seldom think about the rules in poker, often with random cards. This kind of random, non professional impression has long been popular, so that the General Administration of sport news broke, there are a lot of friends laugh, "I finally learned a sport". But this also shows that there is no absolute limit between the daily game and sports, as long as the requirements, the game can become a serious competitive events. Official recognition of the vast majority of chess projects are derived from folk games, but not necessarily. Chess can develop human intelligence, competitive win win will help motivate the participants to promote their initiative, broke the rules and get rid of the shackles, and broaden the possibility of sports in this process. If the game can not stimulate the potential of human beings, it is difficult to be recognized as a formal sports events. There are two extreme views about poker, one of which is the belief that playing cards is all about luck, and the other is that each process in the game can be reduced to a mechanical process. Obviously, poker requires good luck, also cannot do without careful reasoning and calculation, because of its certain and uncertain factors are kept, it has attracted so many game player in the world, and ultimately to be officially recognized logical. The most fundamental reason for the development of sports games, or the social concept of the game has changed. In the past people used the game as the exclusive children, are like the adult world should only be poker-faced. With the development of the times, especially with the development of modern psychology, this view has been abandoned, however, as addicted to the game as doing the view is still quite a market. The game is addictive, the world’s most popular Tetris developers Alexei, said more bluntly: "the game is simple but fascinating," said Pajitnov." As the "landlords", the rule is also extremely simple Tetris game player, only need to move, rotate and place box can, with the decline in box speed continues to accelerate, the game increasingly tense atmosphere, a lot of game player because of nostalgia of this feeling and can not extricate them. In 2002, a British pilot did not listen to discourage the crew to play this game, the result was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment. Addictive game that people will be regarded as "work", and many criminals with its gambling together, let the game not to defend himself. Most of the social bias in the game is derived from the nature of addiction and gambling, and society is increasingly tolerant of the game is one of the performance of the game is attached to its paranoia on the behavior of the distinction. Endorsement or even encouragement相关的主题文章: