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16 Apr

Nanfang Daily: Based on the reform and make "double" policy – View – original title: Based on "double air plant reform" policy of general secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "air plant innovation is the soul of social progress, entrepreneurship is the important way to promote economic and social development and improve people’s livelihood." Since last year, with "public entrepreneurship, innovation" as the core of the "double" tide in China surging rapids: with the policy step by step, the "double" to optimize the environment, create customer groups continue to grow, the "double" atmosphere to improve, "double" has appeared on steady growth, adjusting structure, the role of promoting employment. However, there are some places in the promotion of research found that the "double" work, the number when the performance, make the sign form, seemingly lively flourishing, the effect is worrying. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council have always attached great importance to entrepreneurship and innovation. Especially in the past two years, the "double" work is entering the fast track of development. Last March, the State Council issued the "guidance" on the development of the public record of space propulsion mass innovation; in June, the State Council promulgated the "on promoting innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples some policies and measures opinions"; in September, the State Council promulgated the "guiding opinions on accelerating the construction of" entrepreneurial innovation platform ", from the top" system design and policy of "double standard". This year, the national NPC and CPPCC, "public entrepreneurship, innovation not only has once again been written into the government work report, also be included in the" 13th Five-Year "plan. To promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, development is not only the source of power, it also provides Fumin Road, fair, power, to promote the adjustment of economic structure, developing the new engine, and enhance the development of new power, innovation has important significance to drive development path, is a steady growth, expanding employment, stimulating of the wisdom of the masses major initiatives and creativity, promote social vertical mobility, fairness and justice. We see that all localities and departments conscientiously implement the central deployment requirements, innovative ideas, optimize the supply of the system, organized a large number of fruitful work. With the discharge pipe service reform continued to deepen, the "double" overall have shown a new market of rapid growth, the rapid growth of start-ups employment needs of large enterprises, the "double" support platform of substantial growth, technology market obvious growth, strategic emerging industries continue to grow, the new board listed companies to double the growth of "six growth momentum of development in the golden period of development. But can not be ignored is that some places for emergency, and fast, and the number of such phenomena in the implementation of the policy process, or will some of the market, the mall "OEM" into entrepreneurial innovation park to defraud money subsidies, or is the name of the construction of the "double park" name seize and occupy land or rushing headlong into a number of departments lead to capital investment focus on the star enterprise, resulting in some "hit" not even cry up wine and sell vinegar "and" a child leader, deviated from the correct path. Let the "double" policy and the premise is in the macro air plant, under the background of economic restructuring from the strategy of the clear and comprehensive positioning. As general secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "innovation must fall"相关的主题文章: