Nanchong man with money to ride the train to sit over the station by the family complained of

17 Apr

Nanchong man carrying life-saving money by train station by their families complain of heart attack in Pengan collapsed in November 18th, Liu brother take the train to go home, to need surgery the father sent life-saving money, but accidentally sitting on the station, guilt he grew more and more sad, cause heart disease burst. Fortunately, the station out of the station, the police on duty found the situation in time, after the emergency treatment of his life and money to carry a safe escort home. November 18th at 11:40 am, it is time to reach the Yingshan Railway Station D5184 emu. Due to the outbound passengers more, Chengdu Railway Police Department Yingshan station police station Luo Xiaomin, Wang Xingzhi was the station to maintain order. Suddenly, the passenger station in order to become noisy, some people fainted came ". Originally, a man lying in the station at the entrance door, pale, shortness of breath, and with some convulsions, fell on the ground and looked very painful, with the right hand clutched the position of the heart, left hand hard from his bag and took out a bottle of Kyushin Pills available. Police initially judged that it may be a sudden heart disease, so immediately call 120 ambulance. 120 ambulance arrived, doctors and nurses to take emergency measures. After more than and 10 minutes of effort, the man was finally rescued from a dangerous state. When doctors and nurses are ready to put the man to the hospital for observation, the man said stubbornly: No, I have a lot better, I want to go back to Pengan, I want to go back to save people, to send money to help." Recommended reading: Nanchong man addicted to the network to steal money online help father encounter robbery 51 years ago a woman in Chengdu to borrow 80 yuan after 51 years of saving money she searched million life-saving money bank could not take Shane bank check postprocessing careless man drunk after losing 20 thousand money Chengdu car pick up gold to its origin owner Panzhihua man drunk husband threatened to blow up the Internet train the police were arrested today originally, the man take the D5184 train, the operation of money to return to Pengan for himself is the father of the hospital sent for help. Can be in the car to take a nap on the station, the Yingshan Railway Station to get off. At that time, the family went to pay the operation fee, but did not see him send money to call to ask, one reason, the family will complain about him, said he did not fly. In the station on the road, Liu brother and his heart grew more and more sad, increasingly feel sorry father, plus I had heart disease, this disease is excited, but at the exit. "Why don’t you put your money in the bank card or send it home?" The police asked Luo Xiaomin, Liu brother replied: "father of this illness need surgery, there are still more than 20 thousand put all sorts of things together, I couldn’t have to finance the IOUs to borrow money, also not to send home, I’ll carry the car directly back, please can you send me back. My father is in the hospital, waiting for the money!" Taking into account the reasons for the eldest brother Liu, coupled with his body with a lot of cash, in order to ensure the safety of their personal and property, the police station on duty immediately arranged for the police to drive their safety back to Pengan. Wang Tao Chengdu business daily intern reporter Jia相关的主题文章: