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17 Nov

Nan | Wang Chongyang South Shouyi Chinese car companies can learn? Sohu (the Sohu – car car Yang Yanan) just after Huashan mountain won after the winter, Wang Chongyang set out to the far south of Dali, the "time" Ouyang Feng threat has emerged, shouldering heavy tasks he must be ahead of the Central Plains martial arts. The acquisition of Dali’s Juexue 1 at the same time, the king will live Quanzhen to teach "Nandi" innate power section Zhixing, two door restraint "time" Kung Fu King live in a body, wish to obtain. The "South Shouyi, abandoned the long-standing martial arts show Wang Chongyang endowment parochial prejudice, master martial temperament, but also laid the subsequent martial arts pattern of balance influence is profound. Not long ago, TOYOTA and Mazda to form a cooperation agreement, the two sides will cooperate in the field of advanced security systems and alternative vehicle powertrain systems. It is interesting to note that TOYOTA will provide the fuel cell technology and hybrid technology which is famous for it, and in return, Mazda will share with it the advanced and efficient technology. The cooperation is not limited to the technical level of the share of Mexico also includes the mutual exchange of needed products, Mazda factory, producing the same position 2 in the compact car market and Yaris iA. Such a hand in the Japanese car companies have long been not a case. October, TOYOTA and SUZUKI announced a partnership with the news shocked the automotive industry. In the experience of pain and failure of cooperation with the public, have outstanding advantages in the field of small cars, the India market SUZUKI, the final choice combined with TOYOTA, starting from small cars, strengthening environmental protection, safety, and high-tech equipment and other aspects of development, improvement of existing product supply chain. If you count the previous TOYOTA completed daebak wholly owned, TOYOTA and Subaru owned Fuji heavy industry cooperation, and Nissan to MITSUBISHI shareholders, between the Japanese car enterprises cooperation in depth and breadth is unprecedented. As early as in 2014, Japan all 14 domestic automobile and motorcycle company jointly set up the "international standard seminar", in the aspects of vehicle parts and semiconductor universal unified specifications, in order to reduce parts development and production costs, reduce the duplication of investment industry. At that time, the industry generally believe that, in addition to reduce the cost and promote the development of new technologies such as internal demand, Japanese car prices greater purpose against the European car prices, snatch more right to speak, the latter in the automotive related international standards setting started earlier. Between a Japanese car prices strong centripetal force and open mind, the gap between China car companies like Sinopec and even incompatible like sabotage. Throughout the history of the automobile industry Chinese, almost hard to find technical exchanges and in-depth cooperation voluntarily based on several official to promote the "matchmaker" or Kekebanban finally died, or thunder, little rain settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. "Chinese automobile industry is still lacking spirit of cooperation." Insiders have issued such a feeling. One of the most regrettable, than in 2012 Chery and GAC that marriage". That time, chairman of Guangzhou Automobile Group has room with Chery chairman Yin Tongyue.相关的主题文章: