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15 Apr

"My war" made public welfare publicity old artists reminisce – Sohu entertainment Photo Poster old artist photo [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news will be released in September 15th of the year war epic "my war", "public service announcements today exposed our war". Promo blue, Guan Zongxiang, gathered Liu Jiang, Tian Hua, Liu Long, Yu Daiqin, Bai Dezhang, Wu Suqin, Ru Ping, He Xiaoshu, Zhao, Zhang, Tao Yuling, Niu? Zhang Yong, Yuan Xia, Li Ranran, Xie Fang hand, Wang Tiecheng, Huang Xiaoli, Cao Lile, Ma Jingwu, Lu Guilan and other 24 old artists to join to help out of noble character and high prestige. The origin of the film industry, because "I poly war", to participate in the promo shoot the old artists have been involved in the war, or in the film and television works. Different from the previous release of the trailer firm and unyielding character of patriotism in the style of the publicity flagship warmth route, with the lens interpretation of the old revolutionary artist’s bloody youth, while filming talk about this when the eventful years old artist is tears in the scene. 24 master film artists support air say "our war" public welfare publicity "our war" by combining the movie and the reality, inheritance of "ancestors spirit", the 24 old artists were playing Liu Ye, Wang Luodan, Yang creative film? Ning’s grandfather and grandmother, Huang Zhizhong’s parents are described once a group of shed blood of the revolutionary predecessors in the Korean War. Sixty years after the head, once again set foot on the former battlefield, South Korea went to Seoul tourism, recalling the past war fragment! The old artists across time and space tender voice, through the lens of "our war". Because the average age of up to 85 years of age, the public welfare publicity "our war" crew called China’s oldest film crew. Many of the old artists is sitting in a wheelchair at Huairou film base, participate in the promo shoot. As a China master film artist, they have created numerous impressive patriotic hero image, there are also many people who witnessed the war, even to the war front, to be able to participate in the "war" of the publicity for the film to shoot the film, the old people are very happy and excited. "I was a soldier, the Eight Route Army, see this movie" my war ", feel very real, so I am very impressed." 94 year old artist Guan Zongxiang said. "I am very touched, because the history of the Republic of China, we can not forget the monument." Although not on the battlefield, to speak of that eventful years old artist, Lu Guilan still has deep feeling. Although these old artists now advanced in age in recent years, rarely active on the big screen, and this can support the movie "my war", is hoping to relive the film burning passion, remember the glorious revolutionary patriots and tenacity, and the inheritance of hundred years of bloody ethnic continuation. "I hope we Chinese the audience can go to the cinema to see" my war "such war movies, see how we won the war in American imperialism.".相关的主题文章: