My new dress is not the old goddess Lin Chiling girl muscle max- Sohu reshacker

17 Nov

My new dress is not the old goddess Lin Chiling girl muscle MAX- Sohu Lin Chiling in a variety show in the full range of goddess in my new clothes, not only people bel sweet temperament, and plasticity in the clothing style is very strong. A new program, Lin Chiling and baby’s father and daughter dress, so she looks young girl MAX. Smooth and plump skin blowing shells can be broken, white transparent texture reminiscent of a bud just ready to burst flowers, has been dubbed the goddess Lin Chiling freeze age very carefully in skin care, want to know how Zhi Lin sister is like a day a few years has maintained a 20 year old girl muscle? Read the article, you know! Large fashion reality show "my new clothes" the second quarter of third, Lin Chiling led a star and the baby daughters wear dresses, and baby sister Zhi Ling scene interactive super love, like a child king. A ponytail, other age in full, plus Lin Chiling good skin had a born beauty, is not lost the baby. High intelligence Lin Chiling sits in the middle and a baby they talk, affinity full she quickly become a leader in this group of children. Good at the maintenance of Lin Chiling although over 40 years, but the skin texture does not lose the baby at the scene! Love to laugh at her eyes, no fine lines, dry lines, the face is not seen in the trace of the law, the skin transparent white, blowing shells can be broken, the woman has been the pursuit of the young girl is also the case. In the "ultimate challenge" recorded early in the year, edited by Lin Chiling’s good skin to shock, the word "soft" rocket like speed appears in the mind, the texture of the skin as senior silk, face no flaws, fine lines and wrinkles and the like a 40 year old woman no the relationship, whether near or far view, you can ignore this Lin Chiling like girl like perfect skin. Lin Chiling was in the "Kangxi" revealed that their use of skin care products is the amount of 2-3 than others, so it is often disliked by peers. However, if there is no skin care, delicate care, how could have a few decades, such as a good skin? If you also want to have comparable to Lin Chiling’s old frozen skin, may wish to learn about her beauty secret! Drink 2 kilograms of water per day, said Lin Chiling, because the relationship between the work often to makeup, so every time the end of the work will be thoroughly clean the skin, and then moisturizing effect of facial care products. In addition to a thorough cleansing and cleansing skin every day, Lin Chiling stressed that drinking water is very important, try to drink 2 liters of water every day to help the body cycle. Have 15-30 minutes of stretching or exercise if the skin condition is very bad day, sister Zhi Ling will choose to run through the exercise to help the body to sweat detoxification, even to go abroad to work, she will keep on running and stretching, never lax. On the skin to do protective measures when young Lin Chiling has also been troubled by acne, but she advised everyone to have acne, then, do not go to crowded, because there will be scars! Now even if only Lin Chiling sunscreen sunscreen products, when going out will certainly do a good job of basic protective measures, coated with adequate sunscreen or sunscreen foundation. After coming home.相关的主题文章: