Municipal building when the screen Tetris can

16 Apr

The municipal building when the screen "Tetris" so you can play a lot of people have played as a child of a classic video game Tetris, but you may not have experienced the Tetris game screen zoom in to a building is what feeling. Israel Tel Aviv recently in Rabin square to the municipal building into 3000 square meters of the game screen, let people face joystick manipulation of a 1 meter high building to tens of meters away playing Tetris, fun game player shouted. The big screen "Tetris" Tel Aviv is Israel’s famous seaside city is a rich city innovation ideas. This is not the case, Tel Aviv has recently moved to the ancient city of the old brick tower, brought back a lot of childhood memories. The spacious Rabin square, erected two black 1 meters high in the joystick, you can at the same time for two people to play. People stood on a platform for municipal buildings can be seen outside the building display Tetris, according to the direction of the box before and after falling around to show off the joystick can play a game. Every Thursday night, people line up here to play Tetris for free. Living in the vicinity of the young man and his girlfriend is Chashi play, although the child played Tetris on a computer, but now for the first time such a large operating lever with difficulty. "I have lived in this neighborhood, just walk, see the great Tetris, try to play the. This is a very old classic game, I still remember when I was 7 years old, played the game. Although the use of this huge pole manipulation is not a good, but still great fun to play Tetris in such a famous building." The big screen "Tetris" dreadlocks. Shai can be seen as a game player, skilled, he felt that this game is very interesting, the child often played, although it is in such a big screen to play, but he still easily won 12 points. "When a child was also popular in the Russian box game, the operation of this giant Tetris is a bit difficult, because the operating lever is almost a child’s height, but in fact it is not so difficult. When I was a kid, I was playing this game on a computer or a stand-alone game. Today, it’s really a special experience to play in the municipal building." 10 year old boy Shi Luo meters and Dad together to play, his head just over the joystick, so for him, it is more difficult to play Tetris, but he is very love to challenge myself, he has played 4 times, the best score is 9 points. "I play 4 back to the game, OK, very interesting. Before playing on the computer at home, but the big Russian box is relatively bad operation, always card, no computer to play comfortable. But the computer is too small, the big cooler." Tetris Rabin square, said the manager, since the start of the game in August 30th, attracted a lot of people and visitors to participate in. Now open every Thursday night between 8 and 9:30, allowing people to experience the magic of the giant Tetris free of charge. "Look at these lines.相关的主题文章: