Mu Xi, candy and her cat winter salon wonderful trip – Finland tourism Sohu

19 Nov

Mu Xi, candy and her cat winter salon Finland wonderful trip – Autumn tourism Sohu There is not much left. is coming soon, the "Nordic" winter season. After a period of preparation, Mu Creek for Guangzhou’s small partners to prepare a full welfare. We · and Sisyphus bookstore; Guangzhou Onelink shop together, will hold a series of "find the most fun Nordic" as the theme of the Nordic travel will share. We invited all the Nordic senior traveler, and will bring you the most interesting and authentic Nordic stories. The first game sharing, will give art illustrator and adventurer candy cat. September 27th, next Tuesday. The cat will talk about her adventures in the winter’s 100 day tour of Finland to us. In Guangzhou you must not miss oh. "Candy cat and her winter Finland wonderful trip to share" a candy cat in many people’s eyes, she is the author of seven illustrations, is a very talented illustrator. But in fact, candy cat as well as an unknown hidden identity, is a favorite of Finland polar expedition adventure. As the only representative of the China and winner, candy cat had participated by Finland airlines and Finland Tourism Bureau of the "polar night · Extreme Magic · the ultimate experience 100 days’ adventure tourism projects. Finland 100 days of adventure, this beautiful illustrator in the Arctic Circle chase Aurora, camping, ice climbing, meet the nights, ski, kite, Husky Sled ride wild…… She also will see the beauty of Finland, with a brush record into a moving small illustrations. We have challenges in the cold of minus 40 degrees Celsius under the condition of outdoor survival. We are brave enough to climb the waterfall in the harsh environment. We saw a lot of people have been thinking of the aurora. Next Tuesday evening let us follow the candy cat, with the completion of an Finland winter wonderful adventure. Postcard signing event highlights scene will have candy cat, ready to write your Christmas wish, for Xi staff will arrive in Finland Rovaniemi on Christmas Eve, will help you free postcards from the Santa Claus Village Post Office sent. We will share the theme of candy and her cat winter Finland wonderful trip will share the content of candy "polar night cat · very magical · the ultimate experience 100 days" experience the story: including Finland Santa Claus Village, cross-country skiing, camping, Alaska, fatbike, ski, kite ice climbing, ice diving, husky driving, BMW rally car driving, snowmobiles, driving reindeer sleigh and chasing lights etc.. Time: 2016.9.27 (Tuesday) 19:30 – 21:30 time: 2 hours Bookstore Sisyphus · location: Guangzhou Tianhe Road Guangzhou city Tianhe District Onelink Shop No. 232 Onelink two floor (ground.相关的主题文章: