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03 May

Miranti lift wind wheel high water run Taiwan largest container thigh Taiwan network September 15th news (Strait Herald reporter Wang Weiwen (micro-blog) in the Taiwan Herald Figure) Taiwan 21 years to early warning on the strongest typhoon "Meranti" ravaged Taiwan yesterday many counties, according to Taiwan’s disaster response center "as of 4 pm yesterday statistics, the number of injured due to typhoon 9, Taiwan power nearly 640 thousand households; the typhoon brought strong winds and heavy rainfall, Hualian, Taitung and Pingtung have reached a flood level alert, Kaohsiung City waterlogging reached level two. The crazy container fell like blocks of strong typhoon "Meranti" outbreak caused by Kaohsiung flooding, power outages and other serious disaster. Yesterday, netizens watch Kaohsiung Kaohsiung private container yard, container like blocks, the wind was blowing hard fall, strike the eye and rouse the mind picture. Kaohsiung port second port wind once reached 12, including flat wheel, multi Shandong Taiwan boating company, the Falcon 9 broad paddle wheel, 101 wheel, with Mao Ming Yang, Haixing wheel wheel, cable with more than 10 Hui round ship was blown off, with the wind and the waves drift away from the shore. Among them, Taiwan is the largest shipbuilding history of broad paddle wheel container, Captain 368 meters, 51 meters wide, load up to 146073 tons, the power of this typhoon. At present, Kaohsiung branch has scheduled to tow barges rescue, will ship towed back to fixed drifting. Yesterday, the 16 gust is to make Pingtung a wave of Kenting South Bay as the tsunami waves, crossed the road embankment straight from afar, a Kenting fire brigade ambulance was passed, almost by waves engulfed the moment of life and death. In Taitung, the fishing Tomioka red beacon was blown away by strong wind waves. The rain flooded high over the thighs "Meranti" hit Taiwan, lunacy rain, the more flooding alarm, Hualian, Taitung and Pingtung have reached a flood level alert, Kaohsiung City waterlogging reached level two. 14 morning, Taitung 3 3 hour accumulated rainfall Pobai, line 9 Bridge Deck stream flooded the deer. Early in the morning, a netizen in the "love Taitung" face book PO photos, wrote: "after the Qinghai section of the road water seriously, to the University City to cross this direction of intersection, the car must be especially careful, water up to the thigh". Photos can be seen in Taitung heavy rain, some residents stood in front of the water has exceeded the knee high. In addition, due to the typhoon "Meranti", Taiwan invested more than 3.3 people on standby rescue.

莫兰蒂掀狂风吹跑台湾最大货柜轮 积水高过大腿 台海网9月15日讯(海峡导报(微博)驻台记者 王炜 文 台湾导报 图)台湾21年来陆上预警最强台风“莫兰蒂”昨日肆虐台湾多个县市,根据台湾“灾害应变中心”截至昨日下午4时统计,因台风受伤人数有9人,全台停电户数近64万户;台风带来狂风和强降雨,花莲、台东与屏东都已达到淹水一级警戒,高雄市则达到淹水二级警戒。风狂 货柜像积木摔落强台风“莫兰蒂”肆虐造成高雄市淹水、停电等严重灾情。昨日,有网友直击高雄小港私人货柜场,大货柜像积木一样被狂风吹得狂掉落,画面怵目惊心。而高雄港第二港口的风力一度达到12级,包含平多鲁轮、台船公司阔明轮、猎鹰9号轮、同茂101轮、海兴轮、明阳轮、同晖轮等10余艘船的缆绳被吹断,随着狂风大浪漂离岸边。其中,阔明轮是台湾造船史最大货柜轮,船长368米,船宽51米,载重可达146073吨,台风威力显见。目前,高雄港务分公司已调度拖驳船抢救,将漂流船舶拖回固定。昨日,16级阵风更是让屏东垦丁南湾掀起一阵如海啸般巨浪,从远方越过堤防直扑马路,一部垦丁消防分队救护车恰巧通过,差点遭巨浪吞噬,生死一瞬间。在台东,富冈渔港内的红色灯塔也被强风大浪吹走。雨大 淹水高过大腿了“莫兰蒂”袭台,风狂雨大,岛内多地出现淹水警情,花莲、台东与屏东都已达到淹水一级警戒,高雄市则达到淹水二级警戒。14日清晨,台东有3处3个小时累积雨量破百,台9线鹿鸣桥溪水淹过桥面。一大早就有网友在《就是爱台东》脸书PO出照片,写到“经过青海路一段积水严重,前往大学城跟知本方向交叉路口,开车一定要特别小心,积水淹到大腿了”。照片中可以看到台东雨势猛烈,有居民站在家门前,水高已超过膝盖。另外,因应台风“莫兰蒂”,台军投入3.3万多人待命救援。相关的主题文章: