Ministry of Education as of 2016, the 15 provincial college entrance examination canceled the three

19 Nov

The Ministry of Education: as of 2016 15, the college entrance examination to cancel the three batch of undergraduate provinces Vocational College toudangxian three batch Toudang line knowledge sorting university volunteer forum to get rid of three mistakes of volunteer volunteer volunteer college entrance examination 23 essential term ranking positioning method is how to choose the practical skills and professional disciplines of university enrollment data reference university ranking selection university admission points ranking key recommended institutions professional testing for what three volunteer candidates with the query to 6 reporter learned from the Ministry of education, Ministry of education, and actively promote the country to carry out the batch of college admissions reform, as of 2016, Hebei, Guangdong, Hubei and other 15 provinces to cancel the three batch of undergraduate, Shanghai city will be the first batch of undergraduate, the two batch of the merger, a batch of undergraduate, and achieved positive results. According to reports, in 2014 the State Council issued the opinions on deepening the reform of the examination and enrollment system proposed in order to create conditions to gradually cancel the college admissions batch. To steadily push forward the reform, the country has adopted a series of measures to ensure the smooth landing of reform measures. One is to improve the application mode, reducing the risk of reporting. Guangdong province to further improve the parallel voluntary Toudang, appropriate to increase the parallel voluntary institutions will increase the number of volunteers, the first volunteer group of 5 college volunteer number to 7 college volunteers, second volunteer group of 3 colleges volunteer number increased to 4, and strive to improve the effectiveness and pertinence of voluntary reporting. The two is to predict risk, the meticulous work to do. Shanghai city in the early stage of the college entrance examination to senior high school and widespread publicity of the relevant policies of one or two batches of the merger, and submit the voluntary reporting links, asked the city’s various recruitment agencies and check high school volunteer candidates, reduce the risk of tuidang. Three is to establish a unified platform for consultation, improve the working mechanism. Hebei province deployed experienced staff set up Advisory reception team, through a variety of ways to answer the two of the three reasons for merging and marking according to remind candidates voluntary reporting matters needing attention, scientific volunteer. Four is to strengthen the horizontal linkage, collaborative resolve contradictions. Shanghai, Hebei, Hubei, Guangdong and other places have set up a stable response to the college entrance examination team, the establishment of multi sectoral linkage mechanism at the provincial level, improve the emergency response, timely docking mechanism. The Ministry of education official said, the current reform around the admission batch steadily and orderly, not due to reform led to volunteer candidates to meet the rate and the rate of decline in the University Toudang meet. "Reform to break the barriers between the batches for colleges, both to protect the interests of candidates, firm discipline and professional direction, but also pay more attention to promote the discipline construction and professional training, to attract candidates to school characteristics." Original title: Ministry of Education: as of 2016, 15 provinces have canceled the responsibility of the editor of the three batch of Undergraduate: Huang Xiaodong相关的主题文章: