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16 Apr

Mimi starred in the epic "Datang glory" to play Tian Jing surprises – Sohu entertainment "Datang glory" boot     Sohu entertainment news before the media reports, the "campus Belle goddess" Mimi joined the annual epic "Datang glory", the drama by Huan Rui century produced, adapted from the novel deep blue sea water "energy-saving pearl legend", it is reported that the first challenge is Mimi costume drama, drama, and Tian Jing, and a common interpretation of the Tang times very touching love. As a new actor Mimi, since the self play with its sweet appearance pure temperament and serious acting attitude and loved by the majority of the audience and sought after. In recent years Mimi career by leaps and bounds, first appeared in the TV series "left ear" by director Chen Huiling and author Rao Xueman unanimously affirmed, like acting hard. Familiar with Rao Xueman’s readers know, Rao Xueman mining for young actors, vision has always been unique, from Lin update, Ivy Chen, Ma Sichun, Jiang kifo, Wang Ziwen’s budding actress Juanman, had been in a little Rao Xueman. Mimi Rao Xueman is appointed as its TV version of "left ear" heroine, enough to see Mimi comprehensive ability. First appeared on the screen, Mimi career steadily climbing, smooth in "secret fruit", "the Elysee" and other TV dramas, the show will be according to the film side in the near future and meet you all. The star of "Mimi" Datang glory for the extraordinary significance, Mimi said it was his first starring costume drama, there are a lot of learning takes place in making this grand and so many outstanding production staff a piece of work a lot, for his acting training is also a rare good the opportunity. Facing the serious attitude of acting director Mimi quite satisfied with praising Mimi always give people a surprise. Earlier media reports "Datang glory" crew set on fire, but fortunately no casualties, Mimi was asked to touch the accident, Mimi said and did not have too much influence the fire was quickly extinguished, we are very orderly, he still has to concentrate on acting, hot and dry weather everyone Caution. According to media reports, Datang glory is currently being shot, is expected to broadcast in the first half of 2017.相关的主题文章: