Microsoft has just opened a huge hard press conference, welcome to buy a table to buy a lift! – Sohu

17 Nov

Microsoft has just opened a huge hard press conference, welcome to buy a table to buy a lift! What’s your impression of Microsoft, Sohu? Outdated but classic Windows XP system? Every day in the office of your Office suite? Rich and rich the richest CEO, I charity I play I just don’t go to work Bill · Gates? Seriously, do you really think there’s something to expect from Microsoft’s conference? Just now, Microsoft had a "huge hard" conference, after this conference, I felt the desk can all be overturned all changed! The first is Windows10 software update, the core word "cannot play 3D operating system, is garbage" use Windows 10 mobile phone, around the actual object photos, you can complete the three-dimensional modeling in the system’s own "drawing" software; drawing software system can also create a variety of 3D images. The creation of their own 3D expression package. I do not care about what can be done with a Windows phone (because no one uses), I just want to ask Tencent: when can I send a 3D expression pack in WeChat?" The image shows Office also supports the 3D format, PPT Office of people, next year you can use 3D PPT to the boss dnunbing, cool? Is there any pressure? Do you know the next promotion and salary raise daughter married the boss, go on the pinnacle of life become the winner of the first identity need what? The tree in the PPT can turn over the past, speaking of 3D, we have Microsoft HoloLens (MR tou Xian – mixed reality head mounted display) do, Microsoft put their own browser edge to do the transformation, then if you want to surf the Internet to buy furniture, directly from the web page to get you to model the front! The gospel of the furniture manufacturer’s flagship 3D Windows 10 CreatorsUpdate system update, the earliest will come in 2017. Microsoft VR head from the show, put on the device into a new virtual home, the real simulation of the pro ah! Many computer manufacturers have combined to sell, 299 knife. HTC Vive (799 U.S. knife), Oculus (the United States and the United States knife) is estimated to have been crying in the toilet, the price of the most close to the people of the SONY PS VR (399 U.S. knife) this time out of laughter. Casually said some of the game will have a live function, XBoxOne S – 4K clarity and health, Microsoft’s contact function is more easy to use, to continue the hard dishes. I beg your pardon. 16 hours!!!! Ultimate notebook, now more ultimate! The world’s strongest 13 inch notebook. Can do can do tablet, notebook, first-class performance, but often molested domestic fans referred to as "SB", is really out of the. Under the reporter’s friends, next year would like to "W Ba相关的主题文章: