Microsoft continues to invest in artificial intelligence a cloud computing cooperation and openai mu winavi video converter

17 Nov

Microsoft continues to invest in artificial intelligence: a cloud computing cooperation and OpenAI musk – Sohu of science and technology of Beijing time on November 16th morning news, Microsoft and · eilon Musker (Elon Musk); Research Institute of artificial intelligence OpenAI reached a cooperation agreement, OpenAI will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing system to run most of the big experiment. OpenAI is the early users of Microsoft Azure series N virtual machine, the strong performance of the cloud computing service uses NVIDIA’s GPU. The two agencies will also cooperate in many ways to promote the study and use of artificial intelligence. "In the next few months, we will use tens of thousands of machines to increase the number of our experiments and expand the scale of our model." OpenAI said in a statement. Microsoft has invested in several areas of artificial intelligence research and product development, including medicine, robotics, chat programs, etc.. Company CEO Satir · (Nadella) has also said that it is necessary for the development of artificial intelligence to develop ethical standards, and through various channels to spread the benefits of artificial intelligence can bring benefits to the (Satya). Last December, musk and Silicon Valley startups incubator Y Combinator CEO Sam · Altman (Sam Altman) who co founded the OpenAI, hope to ensure the safety of the development of artificial intelligence, and wide spread of this technology can bring benefits. Microsoft also announced that it will launch Azure Bot services that allow businesses and developers to store and operate robots on Azure.相关的主题文章: