Metro line five construction from the 2 Kunming road and Seoul South Road West Wai block – Sh-iptd-651

17 Apr

Construction of metro line five   2, Kunming road and Seoul Road West Cross Weidang – Shaanxi Channel – original title: Construction of metro line five on the 2 day of Kunming road and Seoul Road West Cross Weidang eleven season, the China Daily reporter learned from the Xi’an metro, the metro line five Seoul road the construction needs, the construction unit will be on the night of October 2nd on the enclosure of Kunming road and Seoul Road West cross road. It is understood that the construction of the road needs to take up the Kunming Road, the total length of 260 meters, width of 40.1 meters. The enclosure, the whole translation original Lane South, in the current situation of Kunming Road on the south side of Building 5 lanes and 1 sidewalks, and in large part from the east to the west side of Hebei to build a new 2 lanes and 1 non motorized vehicles, ensure two-way 7 motor vehicles and 2 non motorized vehicles, full foot Kunming road traffic requirements, the entire project will last for 19 months. Weidang construction, traffic police will be on this section of the traffic signs and markings are adjusted, please pay attention to passing drivers signs and markings that pass, and obey the command of traffic management personnel. Many vehicles, from west to East sanhuan road to Kunming road traffic is slow, please drivers friends in advance detour route choice. By the east-west direction along the Kunming road vehicles select the Red Road, unity road or Dazhai road bypass in advance. Because of the inconvenience caused to the public construction Weidang friends, Xi’an Metro solicit public understanding and cooperation. The Chinese reporter Xiao Lin (commissioning editor Ren Zhihui and Wang Li)相关的主题文章: