Men busy driving butt caused 3 dead 5 injured houses were demolished just before the incident

19 Nov

Men busy driving butt caused 3 dead 5 injured before the house was demolished in September 13th at 16 PM, with the car crash cases occurred in Rucheng County of Hunan city of Chenzhou. Cao Zaifa suspects driving a SUV small car in the city streets, continuous butt after abandoned the vehicle and fled the scene. The accident killed 3 people and injured 5 others. According to the Rucheng County propaganda department to the squad number 37 (zhonganzu37) confirmed that the Rucheng County deliberately driving casualties caused by the suspect Cao Zaifa, 14, was arrested at about 2:40 in the afternoon, Jiang Hu Cun residential district of Rucheng County Jing Po town of Chenzhou city alley. According to reports, Rucheng County Public Security Bureau dispatched police, fire police officers, village cadres totaling more than 900 people involved in rounding up, investigation work. "Hunan Province Public Security Bureau official micro-blog released the news to Cao zaifa. Micro-blog Rucheng man butt from downtown screenshot express Rucheng County Public Security Bureau a briefing in the afternoon of the 13 day, and Lu Yang Zhen Rucheng County of state-owned land illegal housing for cure. In the process, the suspect Cao Zaifa resist law enforcement is invalid, while driving on a road Lu Yang Road after intentional butt, abandoned the vehicle at the gate of Long Teng Hotel escape. Rucheng County, a member of the company Zhu Xiuyun to the case No. 37 (zhonganzu37) memories, 13 PM, at about 4 am, she and a colleague pushed the garbage truck to dump. Passing Jun Lian hotel entrance, they saw no car on the road, are going to cross the road. Suddenly heard "bang", Zhu Xiuyun turned and saw a motorcycle overturned on the ground, a black car move, is on the left side of the road. Zhu Xiuyun thought that there was a car accident, continue to walk two or three meters, colleagues shouted, quickly! And we’re rolling over again!" Zhu Xiuyun and his colleagues threw himself at the side of the green belt, the car quickly crossed from the side, leaving the harsh voice. When they stood up again, the garbage truck that had been pushed in his hand had no idea where to go, and the ground was covered with plastic bags. Zhu Xiuyun was scared. Later, she heard that the black car went on to kill a person. According to the Rucheng Public Security Bureau bulletin, September 13, 2016 16 PM, Cao Zaifa Xiang L8B188 driving small cars from Rucheng Avenue intersection along Rucheng Avenue, East Avenue, Shen Lu Yang road traveling to Luyang Avenue Long Teng Hotel opposite the Road gas station, abandoned the vehicle and fled. After investigation found that: Cao has 6 traffic accidents along the road, knocked down 4 motorcycles, garbage trucks, killing 3 people were killed and 5 injured. "Rucheng County Lu Yang Road, Cao Zaifa abandoned the vehicle position. The ground traces show that Cao Zaifa’s car was retrograde. Figure China vision since the building was demolished before the butt with the local government briefing said, in March 2015, Rucheng County Lu Yang Zhenjiang village two groups of villagers Cao Cao Zaifa without prior approval, without obtaining the legal land clearance situation, two groups of collective land occupied Cao 148.68 square meters of building foundation excavation in paddy field. The villagers Cao Jinggui said he had asked Cao again, Cao Zaifa said he agreed to the local government in Nakai相关的主题文章: