Meizu Pro 6S upgrade is limited but the price may be more expensive (video) xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

17 Nov

Meizu Pro 6S upgrade is limited but the price may be more expensive digital news Tencent (blue) 6S Meizu Pro hours will meet with us, and the network exposure evaluation reference will be mainly to upgrade the machine leaked in advance, including the use of the Meizu MX6 with a 12 million pixel IMX386 sensor, and for the first time four axis optical anti shake function, at the same time, the battery capacity will be increased to 3060 ma. As for the prices of attention, the Magic pig teammate Jingdong mall again released meritorious service, displayed on the reservation page, Meizu Pro 6S is priced at 2699 yuan, it will be on sale in November 7th. Supports optical image stabilization despite the senior Chinese official has confirmed Meizu Pro 6S will be upgraded in terms of performance, even exposure rendering also shows in the shape of the aircraft also does not have what change, but there are still a lot of people are concerned about this new machine Meizu took six carefully "polished" in the end what aspects of change. And now, there are users in the post bar exposure Meizu Pro 6S evaluation reference, and shows that the models are mainly in the two major upgrading of the camera and battery capacity. First, although the configuration information previously Bunny gives the show Meizu Pro 6S is still equipped with 21 million pixel camera, but the exposure of the information display of the machine as the rumors say, will be changed to the main camera and Meizu MX6 with a 12 million pixel IMX386 sensor, although the same is a single pixel area of 1.25um lens aperture is F 2 specifications, but the first increase in four axis optical anti shake function, which means that can bring more clear pictures in low light environments. Battery capacity upgrade second, Meizu Pro 6S will also upgrade the capacity of the battery with the same with the Meizu MX6 3060 Ma, Mcharge also supports fast charging technology, coupled with the mobile phone only 7.3mm thickness, so also means that Meizu Pro 6S in the fuselage size change is not the case, brought a better lens the anti shake technology and a higher capacity battery, it is not in vain "with half a year of grinding". In addition, the Meizu Pro 6S seems to cancel the 32GB capacity version, only 4GB RAM+64GB provides a combination of storage capacity, and there is no change in what is not the same system version, equipped with NFC function, other function specifications and Meizu Pro 6 exactly the same, including couplet MediaTek Helio X25 processor, 5 million pixel front camera 5.2 inch AMOLED screen, speed and 0.2 seconds to unlock, WeChat and Alipay fingerprint payment etc.. The price of 2699 yuan Meizu Pro 6S uses the same integrated metal body design, equipped with CNC function, but does not support memory card expansion, providing the sky black, champagne gold, silver moonlight, rose gold four color styles, is expected to follow the flame red version will also launch. And in terms of the price of mobile phones, there is an appointment page released from Jingdong mall display, 4GB RAM+64GB ROM storage combination charm.相关的主题文章: