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17 Apr

Meishan: thousands of volunteer service enthusiasm towards national – Sichuan Channel – Chengdu in September 30,   "the aunt, sitting out of the car, drink a cup of hot hydrolysis thirst!" The National Day is approaching, Meishan volunteers from all walks of life have action, in every corner of the city, to provide warm and attentive service for the masses of the people. The passenger transportation center station, hall, security, entrance position of Meishan City Highway Bureau volunteers dispersed in the passenger transportation center, providing guidance, stop luggage handling, business consulting, hot water delivery service for passengers, let people travel to feel the enthusiasm of Meishan. In the white community, accompanied by bright sunshine, municipal government finance office volunteers picked up the broom, walked into the community to carry out clean sanitation activities, to create a clean, tidy and comfortable environment for the masses, welcomed by the masses. "To use the spare time to carry out propaganda out of civilization, we advocate civilized travel, civilized behavior, not only exercise their own, but also can do something for our city civilization, feeling very full of sunshine" in the music square carried out before the civilized propaganda volunteer students Xiao Yang said. It is reported that, on the eve of national day, Meishan city center a total of more than 1000 community volunteers and civilized traffic to persuade volunteers, volunteers, organs and units of college student volunteers to participate in volunteer service activities before, to contribute to the civilization construction of Meishan, to create a lively and peaceful festive atmosphere of civilization. (Wang Yongqiang) (commissioning editor Yuan Hanling and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: