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17 Apr

The mayor of Nanjing City: to enhance the management level of   to build a livable city — Jiangsu channel — original title: to enhance the level of modernization of city governance sharing industry livable city the morning of October 13th, the second session of the city management committee held its first meeting, marking the new city Governance Committee official duties. The mayor, the City Commission Director Miu Ruilin to the New Public Governance Committee awarded. He stressed, thoroughly implement the central city work conference spirit, earnestly implement the provincial government and municipal deployment requirements, enhance the quality of city function around the four action plan, Jointnomy co management, sharing, to further promote the city governance mode and city governance to enhance the level of modernization, and jointly create a livable beautiful city home. Vice mayor, deputy director of the Municipal Governance Committee Chu Yonghong attended the meeting. The first city governance committee to perform their duties for 3 years, Nanjing city government work fully condensed from all walks of life wisdom, active and innovative way of governance, has made great progress. After the expiration of the term of office of the city’s first public committee, the general election of the Southeast University School of architecture professor Wang Xingping and other 45 cities of the city committee members of the public committee of the second. Both university experts and scholars of the new members of the public, but also ordinary people, the person in charge of enterprises, social representation is more extensive, which is more optimized, the members will continue to contribute wisdom and strength for the city governance obligations. Miu Ruilin expressed his congratulations on the appointment of a new member of the public committee to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you for your support and enthusiastic participation in Nanjing’s urban governance. He said that the improvement of city governance, promote the city governance system and governance capacity modernization, an important measure is the transformation of city development concept and development mode, but also an inevitable requirement to enhance the quality and enhance the city function of city soft power. At present, Nanjing city is facing a new situation and new tasks, we need to work on the central city’s decision to follow fundamental implementation of the provincial government and the municipal Party Committee on the development of Nanjing new city governance positioning requirements, vigorously carry out negotiation multi subject, governance concept, promote the city governance, governance of the parties involved in the co management, sharing, promote the city function quality connotation and city primacy and reputation. Miu Ruilin to play the role of public members, do three aspects of urban governance requirements. One is to grasp the core essence of city governance in the new period. To adhere to the people-oriented concept of city development, respect people’s right to know, the right of participation, supervision, and government, society, citizens of three main areas, more widespread concern in the community, participate in city governance, and work together to improve Nanjing city governance to a new level. Two is to give full play to the unique advantages of urban governance committee. Members of the public occupation should be based on their own strengths and expertise, (next to the A2 version) (on A1) play the role of a bridge between city government work as important publicity, participants, practitioners, promoters, work together for Nanjing city governance suggestions. Three is to enhance the level of urban governance committee. To stick around the central task, and actively perform their duties, pragmatic, grassroots and the masses, to enhance the city management level, to create livable)相关的主题文章: