Married young woman to do these 5 things the most terrible dataload

19 Nov

Married woman do the 5 things most terrible lead: new beautiful with the passage of time gradually subsided, between husband and wife will always have countless strangle impulse. So, men are most afraid of women do 5 things? Married woman do these 5 things the most terrible wedding all the beautiful and touching and commitment, in an instant by human side, the most vulnerable will therefore, we often on the wedding day, can feel the love of lovers because of moving, and cried. That moment, we never dare to doubt the beautiful love. Then, with the marriage of the road, between husband and wife has produced numerous times to strangle the impulse, in fact, is not changed, but we are less tolerant of marriage. So, in the process of marriage, men are most afraid of women do five things? 1 men wear cuckold woman to call a man wearing a green hat, the first reaction of men: face to sweep the floor; of the second men: woman body is dirty. Men’s third reaction: days can not continue. Although men will take into account the cost of divorce and marriage restructuring, the child’s feelings, and ultimately chose to forgive his wife, but his wife derailed this thing will be a long time in the hearts of men. The pain, will make a man’s emotional loss, the result will be in the work of the day to do a monk hit the clock, in life often show emotional disorder. Therefore, any one didn’t have the courage to divorce woman, it is best not to give her husband a cuckold rash. 2 men aged about every man has too young, in the young age, will do some stupid things. Therefore, when things turn, don’t repeat. In particular, not to mention those old men in front of the children, parents and friends. Because, those are just men’s past, but for those who listen to it, it will change the view of men, it is clear that the reputation of the man to some extent will be a certain degree of trauma. In addition, the mention of the past, to fan man face, dare to ask, when men slap you, you will feel comfortable? So, those who have turned things do not frequently mention, otherwise, will only bring men crazy when ferocious, and why? 3 and her frequent quarrel why many elders scold ones or start lessons to the younger generation, the younger generation will take a hit not strike back, scold not return the situation? Not because the curse, but not because of fighting. But, with the grace of upbringing, thus the choice of tolerance. Since the man with the parental upbringing of grace, then, in the face of other people’s parents scolded, the man’s instinct is to love dearly, which will produce a desire for protection of parents. However, when his beloved woman and their parents often quarrel, have wanted to make a wife impulse, but not under the hand, in this state, a man’s heart in the blood. Therefore, when a woman really love her, we must do to her humility. 4 of the men in the face of public reprimand woman scolded her husband, her husband will face no teeth, but men usually use silence to fight back. Women should understand that their behavior is not a woman’s behavior, but the lack of.相关的主题文章: