Man raped the girl next door at midnight zeixinbusi attempted note pressing submit

17 Apr

Men’s night rape girl next door to note zeixinbusi attempted pressing submit Modern Express News (correspondent Li Guotian reporter Ding Sheng Liu drum inspection) in a rented apartment, the original work is stable, can see the beautiful girl next door in Washroom Fang, the color of the heart. Midnight three o’clock, he turned to the window by the girl girl a lesson, after a meal, the lady-killer did not know repentance, unexpectedly leave a small piece of paper pressing into submission. Recently, Liu attempted rape was sentenced to six months a year, two years. In July 9, 2016, Liu public toilets in the rented small apartment room to wash, wearing pajamas slim girl let Liu Fang from the color center. Liu began to secretly observe the Fang Fang, found room with his own room not far across the heart, they played the evil. At three pm, Liu Washroom climbed out of the window, along the wall to climb the two floor, from the window to climb in fang. He quietly came to Fang’s bedside, opened a quilt to cover Fang mouth, the other hand to press the Fang Fang legs, attempted rape. A Fang in his sleep, seen standing in front of a topless, wearing only shorts a young stranger, screamed, and leg kick to the stomach bangs. Liu suddenly panic, out of the window to escape, because it is late at night, and did not see the appearance of Liu fang. Liu did not succeed, always feel unwilling. He thought that the girl’s room into the man in the middle of the night is a very shameful thing, most will choose to remain silent. He wants to take this thing to coerce A Fang, forcing A Fang into submission. No one noticed when Liu Haicheng wrote a note into Fang in the door. Read "you must add the QQ number, otherwise I will take you to let people know the scandal." After Fang went through the night shocked, angry and frightened, the first time these things told his male classmate kobayashi. Kobayashi according to the content of the note and fringe QQ, and Fang tone and bangs chatted. Liu thought the other hook secretly delighted, began to say some words in a pornographic chat, and admitted that night burglary, Italy has no repentance speech, which makes Kobayashi very angry. After confirming that people attempt to break the bangs, and Lin Fang after discussion, decided to meet the bold to seize the fanatics. In July 14th, Lin Fang deliberately tone about bangs again. Liu is not plan, can’t wait to present that night in the past, and asked Fang don’t close the door at night. 9 that night, Liu corridor has not see people around, then quietly came to Fang door, gently push the door was not locked, he saw Fang sitting in bed waiting for him, just ready to go forward, Kobayashi control is hiding behind the door of the living and reported to the police. Was immediately rushed to the police brought to the nearby police station, Liu confessed to his crime to. Recently, Liu suspicion of rape was sentenced to one year and six months, suspended for two years. (the party is a pseudonym)相关的主题文章: