Mail survey limited impact on the general election Hilary support rate is still ahead of 6%- Sohu ne-freyja

15 Apr

Hilary’s support rate is still limited to 6%- Sohu news October 31st, with a Halloween mask on the plane and the members of the election team joke on the. (source: Reuters) Chinese daily in November 1, the U.S. presidential election (Sun Ruonan) can be described as "climax", when people still immersed in the outside of the Republican presidential candidate Trump slander women indecent audio condemnation, the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) announced the resumption of investigation for the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary email. But Hilary doesn’t seem to be too worried that this will affect their campaign, after all, only a few people think it will change the current situation of the election, the poll results show that Hilary’s support rate as in the past to lead Trump last week, two people support the rate of phase difference of 6 percentage points. 51% of respondents believe that the problem is very serious in October 28th, FBI Director James COMEY announced that due to the accident? Found a large number of Hilary related email, decided to restart the investigation of "mail" incident. In the FBI restart after the investigation, "Huffington post" conducted a poll of the American people, of which 51% of the respondents think Hilary use private e-mail in government is a very serious problem as secretary of state. In May this year and the survey company (YouGov) on the "mail door" polls, now that the proportion of this very serious increase of 8 percentage points; Democrats and independents with the view of the population increased by 4 percentage points, there were 16% and 48%. Republicans reacted most strongly to the matter, and in May the poll found that 76% of Republicans believe that Hilary’s private mail is a very serious problem, now up to 89%. In the "mail door" and the relevance of the issue of the election, the latest survey shows that 49% of Americans believe that FBI restart the investigation is not to distract people’s attention, which is closely related to the election. Among Republicans and independents, the idea was 81% and 51%, respectively, but the Democrats were less likely to hold this view, only about $16%. Restart the investigation limited impact on Hilary’s support rate did not decline in the election is not true, to the point of two weeks, this exposure might be bad for Hilary, but the poll results show that Democrats and Republicans, their position has been largely cured, and two obvious differences. FBI announced the resumption of the investigation statement is just a kind of psychological test, people will interpret the news, according to the natural tendency for example, Republicans are increasingly skeptical of Hilary’s moral problems, but it is worth mentioning that, most of them can not be voting for her. Reported that the United States did not completely change the matter of Hilary’s view, hate her still hate, like her will continue to support. Only 5% of respondents said that the recent FBI restart the investigation so that they have a new understanding of Hilary, and 52% of people said the matter confirmed their views on her,"相关的主题文章: