Macao Daily British off the European emergent variables – Beijing factions bargaining borderland

19 Nov

Macao Daily: British "off the European" emergent variables – Beijing factions bargaining in new network on 11 November, the British High Court ruled that the day before, the government officially launched the "Europe off" before the program approved by parliament, the British government decided to appeal, the Supreme Court will be heard next month. In this regard, the 11 day Macao Daily editorial said, because of Scotland, Welsh and Northern Ireland on "from Europe" have different concerns, may ignore the British government action without authorization, but made it clear that Scotland or join litigation hinder the Europe off process. The high court action to make the British off Europe became chaotic unknown. Article excerpts are as follows: in May this year, a referendum in Britain decided to withdraw from the eu. At the beginning of October, Prime Minister Teresa, announced that Britain will before the end of March next year to start the "Treaty of Lisbon" in fiftieth, officially opened the "Europe off" program. According to the treaty, any member states need to inform the European Council at least two years ahead of the EU’s willingness to leave. In the next two years, the parties will negotiate with the remaining members, mainly related to the withdrawal of the terms and the relationship between the exit. However, in the Teresa Mei announced the start of the removal of the European program, some members questioned this, that the government started to take off the EU need to be authorized in advance. The British government has stressed that the start of the removal of Europe program by the government to decide, without parliamentary approval. Britain’s high court subsequently began accepting the removal of Europe program lawsuit. The Supreme Court’s decision is a blow to Teresa’s government. The government of Scotland chief minister sturgeonn said on the 8, the legal representative of the Scotland government will participate in the Supreme Court’s reply, as far as possible to obstruct the British government "from Europe" plan, ruling that the prime minister must first obtain the consent of Parliament in Scotland to refer to the "Treaty of Lisbon" fiftieth "start off Europe" program. In the face of Congress and the resistance of the Scotland parliament, Teresa • Mei stressed that in March next year will start the process of removing europe. In the British High Court ruling before the "Treaty of Lisbon" the makers, the former British ambassador to the European Union, Cole said in an interview, even if Britain decided to start off the European program, there are still "may change his mind.". He said that during the negotiations, if a country decided not to leave the EU in the end, everyone will feel angry, because a lot of wasted time. Other countries may ask for political compensation, but in law they cannot insist that the country should leave the eu." Britain’s Supreme Court ruled that a strong Teresa • Mei had to continue efforts to clear the internal barriers to take off Europe, is bound to further delay the process of taking off europe. If the Supreme Court overturned the ruling of the Supreme Court, it would clear the way for the government to officially open the "de Europe" program early next year. But if the Supreme Court upheld the British "off the European" prospects will become more whirling. Once the British Parliament to get rid of the euro, the issue of the dominant, the current members of the British House of Commons, leaving Optima, the majority, they may vote to stop the start of the "Europe" program. Then the original off Europe timetable will be difficult to achieve, will be replaced by endless bickering parliament. Even though.相关的主题文章: