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10 Apr

Lucky man! And the population angle of giant abdominal tumor was stabbed to help him stop the $3 net Changsha November 3rd news (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Wu Wenfang correspondent Huang Shaobin Tang snow) on October 31st at 1 pm, the emergency department Changsha Central Hospital, Wang Yong was sent to the hospital. He was almost covered with blood. Because of an altercation with the people, he was stabbed 7 knife. Emergency department medical examination revealed that the 7 was stabbed in the chest and abdomen of Wang Yong, of which 3 knife penetrating abdominal cavity. A knife is located right in the abdomen below the edge for colon and small intestine; a knife edge is located in the left upper quadrant, below is mainly spleen; a knife located below the xiphoid incision below the main, stomach and colon and liver. Normally, the 3 knife down, these are more or less important organ damage. But let Changsha Central Hospital Department of general surgery ward 9 deputy chief physician Lei Zhisheng’s surprise, Wang Yong’s blood pressure and pulse are relatively stable, although the abdomen even 3 knife, but his symptoms are not severe abdominal pain. During the operation, he discovered that he had a massive lump in the abdomen, and all the organs were covered by the mass. And the surface of the tumor has 3 lesions, and abdominal wall of the 3 knife wound anastomosis, abdominal viscera due to mass obstruction without any damage. This means that the tumor is a dangerous 3 knife. The exploration revealed that the mass was yellow, soft, with a complete capsule, up to the lower part of the liver, down to the pelvic cavity. The surgical team completely removed the tumor and found that the size of the tumor was about 40 cm × the size of the tumor was 60 cm and the weight was up to 5 kg". Lei Zhisheng introduced, lipoma is a benign tumor composed of mature adipose cells, derived from mesenchymal tissue; mostly in fat layer, can be on any part of the body disease, with limbs and trunk to see, followed by the retroperitoneal and gastrointestinal wall etc.. The medical literature writes, intraperitoneal lipoma is only 30 cm maximum general × 40 cm, and 40 cm in lipoma × 60 cm, and occupy the entire abdominal cavity is extremely rare. During surgery, this is not the Wang Yong lipoma internal organs caused by oppression, just put the belly of the small intestine to the upper left, and Wang Yong had been no obvious symptoms. Doctors, this shows that the "small" lipoma in his abdominal cavity, and slow growth, if not the knife, may not have seen. Wang Yong weight of about 60 kg, the body is more symmetrical, but the abdomen bulge. "I was joking with my sister that I had a beer belly." Wang Yong told the doctor that he was 30 years old, often there will be entertainment, drinking is inevitable, that is a beer belly, did not care.相关的主题文章: