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17 Nov

Looking forward to the birth of new ecological capital market App in Sina Financial Regulatory Governance: Live on-line bloggers to help guide the stock masters 20 years experience veteran Jiepan palliatives transplantation system will be of no avail, must pay attention to the consequences derived The climate does not suit one. a matter of expediency. On the basis of summing up historical experience, besides the disadvantages and, to tackling the problem, with the capital market service capabilities of an antidote against the disease, the real economy is gradually restored and improved, new and more healthy market ecology in gestation, the new bull market will come more rational. The sea laugh – and optimize the allocation of resources, to guide social capital to create value of industries and enterprises, is the foundation of the capital market. After twenty years of exploration, China’s capital market initially completed the construction of Finance and investment system, the Blue-chip company group and institutional investors scale, risk investment, venture investment and venture enterprise symbiotic. Only those who are not satisfactory, although after years of struggling to governance, the result is still poor, especially in IPO, restructuring listing and delisting and other aspects of the most prominent. Since April this year, continue to implement the regulation of the new deal, in addition to reduced leverage, risk, anti speculation, clear blockage of Volley simultaneously, the long-term effect remains to be seen. Capital market chain length, the demands of diverse interests, the policy of mutual restraint, game chain, complexity, for the task of governance can not be long-term oversight. From the IPO Lake governance lessons, to seek long-term steady solutions of IPO lake, not only is the reporting enterprise long queue problem, but the complications of capital market in china. Since the end of 2009, the demonstration effect of the gem to stimulate a number of emerging areas of the leading companies scrambling to apply for listing. These companies are always accompanied by high IPO earnings, high issue price, high financing. According to the "three high" management department, once adopted conditioning technique, self correcting mechanism of culture market. After 2011, the market has issued at the beginning of 2012 management failures; replacement therapy, on the issue of price earnings ratio to the "window guidance", "three high" drop. However, the price of a huge difference of one or two pipe manufacturing market, playing the new, new speculation boom after another. Over the same period, in order to alleviate the tension of the bear market funds and pressure from public opinion, IPO suspension. The IPO declaration unabated, accumulate. Fourteen months after the IPO restart, the simultaneous launch scheme of market reform, liberalization of the IPO price, intended to clean up lake and suppression of "new", "fried new" shoot two hawks with one arrow. However, high cash holdings of major shareholders Aosai Kang incident a return policy Public opinion is seething with indignation., price control. In the stock market last year after the earthquake, the registration system reform is also included in the long-term planning research. The practice shows that both the administrative control and the "pure" marketization are not the effective measures to control the capital market of our country. The feasible way is the advance guard and afterwards supervision both unremittingly. Recently, regulators of financial verification training, increase penalties for violations of listed companies and intermediaries and a series of measures, policy ideas are very clear. On the basis of market supervision mechanism相关的主题文章: