Long vacation to grasp the idea of two travel financial management of the two-e3300

17 Apr

The holiday season to grasp the two financial ideas travel two. The seven day National Day holiday approaching, many investors have to undertake the stock market, bond funds in the short-term financial products for the guard before the higher income. So, during the long holiday, what kind of financial security benefits should be chosen, while traveling to enjoy the harvest? Recently, the financial investment newspaper reporter conducted a survey for this purpose. Banks push "national day for" financial "National Day exclusive financial products, the expected return is higher than usual, first come first served until sold out." "Financial investment news" reporter visited a number of banks, many banks began to launch the national day for financial products, but slightly higher interest rate products often looted. Near the national day, coupled with the recent short-term tight market funds last week, a lot of short-term financial products such as baby yields rose. In addition, a number of banks launched the "national day exclusive financial products, short-term financial returns with tight liquidity in the market rose slightly. Financial investment news reporter from a joint-stock bank to see, in the sale of short-term financial products from T+0 to T+2 between about 3.3%-3.7%, compared to the previous number of baby class Internet based cargo yield is much higher. Another joint-stock banks recently launched 36 days of short-term financial products from the beginning of 50 thousand, the expected annual yield of up to 3.75%, with the flat rate of return of 63 days. There are joint-stock banks have also launched a 101 day, starting at $50 thousand investment in National Day products, the expected annual yield of 3.88%. According to the general interest standard statistics show that last week, the joint-stock banks issued financial products, the average expected rate of return of 3 months or less, guaranteed, non guaranteed were 2.97%, 3.87%, respectively, from 3 months to 6 months, 3.95%. Compared to joint-stock banks, state-owned banks, small city firms and agricultural firms financial products yields higher, the average expected rate of return 3 months below guaranteed financial products to 3.21%-3.43%. City firm non guaranteed class 3 months of short-term product average expected rate of return of up to 4%. "Financial investment news" reporter learned that, before the date of some foreign firms also face the pressures of business. Recently, Mr. Guo in a foreign white-collar workers of state enterprises for swap, guaranteed financial products are also recommended a expected revenue can reach 5%, the product raising period before September 28th, the threshold is 400 thousand. "National Day special products revenue in 4%-4.5%, has been relatively high," said a joint-stock bank account manager explained that it has a certain relationship with the end of the quarter effect. Insiders remind investors pay attention on holiday exclusive financial and "date", in order to avoid the funds in the raising period and non working days to guard, diluted earnings. Monetary Fund has also been sought after, because the fund is not subject to the impact of the stock market closed, still enjoy the benefits during the holidays, and the yield is usually higher than the one year deposit interest rate level. Therefore, during the holiday season, the IMF has become the object of short-term arbitrage funds sought after. Financial investment news reporter saw the financial management of Tencent, a monetary fund China wealth treasure monetary fund from the beginning of last week, seven annual yield jumped up from the past about 2.73%,"相关的主题文章: