Lol test cook theme skin exposure to the blind monk and Lacus (enhanced video)-winsockfix

10 Apr

LOL test cook theme skin exposure to the blind monk and Lacus enhanced Beijing time on August 24th, the United States service test (PBE) patch update. Art, increase the title theme and theme related content cook skin; the 2016 world finals also debut; champion riven regression model and effects are upgraded; Ali video update original skin. Hero, AIKE W weakened; cyclone damage reduction; 1000 damage increased Jue Li Qing; enhanced W; LISANG Zhuo health decreased, Q consumption increased; Lacus E deceleration enhanced; passive will miss fortune tower does full damage; Shen Q damage reduction; Sivir basic attributes and E adjustment; Natalie Wu mana lower QE adjustment; weaken the Vampire QE. Goods, ice hammer adjustment; reduce the Holy Shield effect. Wild monster, the rapid speed of the crab crab. New skin, today’s test suite into the 6.18 edition, adding the title theme and chef theme skin. Are the champion of robbery, master Akari, sashimi grill master Leona, Olaf butcher, Baker pan Sen. LOL the pan Sen debut: bread knife shield as a weapon do new clothes the first king! Tencent Web Games open service table passion on-line! The name of the game more open service operators address 21:00 37 game battle martial arts legend br 21:00 37 game magic throne Zhao Zilong 22:00 cool blue network Valkyrie 20:00 37 game magic throne 20:00 cool blue network legend br 20:00 37 game blue legend 20:00 9377 platform 20:00 9377 platform Qingyun Zhi Wei Fan world 20:00 602 game battle game [20:00 37 martial arts related news] LOL6.17 version update: the play was cut VN’s normal life is enhanced version of Warcraft 7.1 Cara Chan recast Maddie Wen regression far? LOL6.16 version: knife sister was weakened SKT champion skin line相关的主题文章: