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17 Nov

Local media which strong? Sohu public platform central list released shocking – Sohu public platform technology Sohu long-awaited central region list finally coming from the media! Take a look at your love from the media is not on the list! In this era everyone is from the media, the Sohu, Sohu sohu.com and Sohu network mobile phone news client three terminal resources, media, enterprises, government and media tailored a new public platform — the Sohu public platform. The platform attracted a large number of media and media settled, settled in the Everfount account to provide quality content for the platform. In the past just in September, Sohu public platform settled 13746 new accounts, active account number, the total number of papers issued by the 2247442 article. From the beginning of this month, we will continue to release the country’s regional media list. Regional list is based on the amount of reading from the media account within the region, the number of documents, the number of interactive (comment number, the number of points like), a comprehensive scientific calculation of the impact of Sohu rankings. Today released the first batch of Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guizhou four provinces list! Hubei is ranked in the list of "sports network", this month the Hubei media strong force! "Hunan Huasheng online" won the first list, with the amount of press and the 6000+ burst table reading win sincerely convinced! Jiangxi local media in Jiujiang "Jiujiang news network" out of Jiangxi list first, show the local media strength! Look at the list of top three Guizhou, Guizhou, are all outstanding media claim, Guizhou media strength should not be underestimated! Sohu public platform to thank everyone from the media’s attention to the platform, as well as the most valuable quality content continues to be released on the platform’s contribution! Sohu look forward to working with you from the media, learn from each other and grow together!相关的主题文章: