Liu Yandong to promote the cause of innovation and development of language-segotep

16 Apr

Liu Yandong: to promote the innovation and development of business language – Beijing Liu Yandong in honor of "national language law" the implementation of the 15 anniversary of the State Council issued "on the promotion of Putonghua instructions" forum on the 60 anniversary of that mission in mind to forge ahead to promote the language innovation in enterprise development Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 12 September, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Committee, Vice Premier Liu Yandong attended the 12 anniversary of "national language law" the implementation of the 15 anniversary of the State Council issued "on the promotion of Putonghua instruction" 60 anniversary of the forum stressed the need to serve the country, good top-level design, adhere to reform and innovation, the cause of language plays in improving the national quality, historical and cultural heritage, the promotion of economic and social development, to safeguard national unity and national unity in the important role of To create a new situation in the development of language and literature. Liu Yandong pointed out that in 60 years, especially the "national language law" promulgated and implemented for 15 years, the national common language popularity increased significantly, the basic legal system perfect, language standard and information construction continues to accelerate, out of a China socialism language development road. Liu Yandong stressed that the language is the cause of the country’s comprehensive strength of the support force, in the national development strategy important position. "In the popularization of the national common language in 13th Five-Year" period, improve the standard of Putonghua in rural areas, ethnic minority areas to accelerate the popularization rate of Mandarin, strengthen school language education. To focus on regional development, The Belt and Road national strategy, enhance the service ability to play the role of language, language of Chinese cultural identity, national identity. It is necessary to speed up the legalization, standardization and information construction of language and text, improve the national language ability, and build a harmonious and healthy language life. To spread the excellent Chinese language and culture, promote international exchanges and cooperation, to show the charm of Chinese culture, in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream to make due contributions. Wang Chen, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and attended the forum.相关的主题文章: