Little Kimi grow taller! Push baby stroller to show his brother style (video)-tda7294

15 Apr

Little Kimi grow taller! A stroller walks to show Jimmy Lin the day before to meet the 42 brother style birthday of Jimmy Lin and sons walk Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "news" reported that the artist Jimmy Lin and Chen Ruoyi married 6 years, have 3 sons: Kimi, Jenson and Kyson, often sharing family life on the Internet, one family of 28 days. To the park for a walk, warm picture a large share of son Kimi help push the stroller, quite moving. Jimmy Lin 28 in the face book published posts, photos he looked at the son Kimi strollers, the 2 side by side look quite warm, specially written paper praised "is really a good brother of black rice". One of the more striking is that the height of Kimi has been more than his father’s waist, pushing the baby stroller is not difficult, you can also look at the younger brothers. Fans saw Jimmy Lin one family warm picture, feel very happy, for the Kimi has grown so much and become so sensible appearance, is also quite comfort, have praised: "black brother awesome", "black rice grew up, is a good helper!" 7 year old Kimi into his brother’s Toddler Yang Yangyang first exam had to score 98 points相关的主题文章: