Lin Liyun why China decided not to claim the Japanese

19 Nov

Lin Liyun: why China decided not to claim the Japanese? [Abstract] in our internal told Premier Zhou, people the old things lost to you. From this perspective, pass to you, did not mean much. So the president decided not to pay. The | Lin Liyun (author Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai served as a Japanese translation, full participation in the negotiations, Japan established diplomatic relations in 1972, 90s after former vice chairman of the National Committee of the National People’s Congress and other overseas positions) in the process of the normalization of diplomatic relations, the Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou personally led, after 20 years of civil promotion, little by long, this day finally results. Tanaka himself later said that the track is laid up for the people, he is along the track of Sino Japanese diplomatic relations on the negotiating table. At that time, Japan’s politicians are followed by the United States, but also with the United States hostile to China, the United States foreign policy, how to follow closely behind, not to go beyond. So, Japan has not restored diplomatic relations. Nixon has a secret diplomacy with China, and its allies look at it. At that time, it was: don’t miss the last bus. In July 1972, Kakuei Tanaka won the election, as the new prime minister, former foreign minister Masayoshi Ohira, the two order hall was chief cabinet secretary. In the first cabinet meeting, Tanaka declared "to accelerate the pace of normalization of diplomatic relations between China and People’s Republic of China". He also said: to fully understand China government has consistently advocated the three principles of the Chinese normalization. Premier Zhou is keen to seize the opportunity to make a positive response. In July 10th, he sent the Deputy Secretary General of the China Japan Friendship Association long sun level rate of Shanghai ballet has arrived in Tokyo for a friendly visit to Sun Pinghua for the show, and instructed the prime minister Tanaka to convey his invitation: "as long as the prime minister Tanaka to Beijing to talk face to face all the problems are easy to talk." On July 16th, Premier Zhou at the meeting before the Japanese Socialist Party chairman Sasaki Mi also said: "if the Japanese Prime Minister, foreign minister and other ministers to discuss the resumption of diplomatic relations, Beijing airport ready to open to them, welcome to my Tanaka." Japan’s reaction is also fast. July 22nd, Ping Ping broke the regular meeting of foreign ministers Sun Pinghua and Shaw forward. Sun Pinghua conveyed the invitation of Premier Zhou Da Ping, immediately expressed heartfelt thanks. He said: the Japanese government is also considering, to a certain stage to achieve the head of government to visit china. It is necessary to choose an appropriate time, the Japanese side is preparing for this, such as going to Beijing, we must have fruitful results." Tanaka said: "because prime minister and I are both politicians, this is a major issue in our political life, but also a major issue related to the fate of Japan, Japan and China are also important". In August 15th, Prime Minister Tanaka in the Royalist Hotel in Tokyo met with Sun Pinghua and Shaw forward, thanks to Premier Zhou’s invitation, he has decided to visit Japan in September 21st, the government’s Chief Cabinet Secretary zemarai officially announced the prime minister Tanaka will visit China to 29 days on September 25th. Tanaka’s visit to China is completely determined. Zhou Enlai: such as Tanaka body swaying willow breeze, a broken heart like negotiation Datao Premier Zhou in the establishment of diplomatic relations in very hard, because in the field of?相关的主题文章: