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16 Apr

Liang Zhenlun starred in "Jinxiu Weiyang" the friends laugh "Weiyang control" – "beautiful" Weiyang entertainment Sohu Liang Zhenlun stills Sohu entertainment news by Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Vanness Wu, Liang Zhenlun and other domestic the strength of popular actor starred in costume giant system drama "beautiful Weiyang" is the Beijing TV, Dragon TV, a strong hit, as the story has been further demonstrated. Liang Zhenlun played by the "Li Minde" was finally unveiled, a debut for Weiyang (Tang Yanshi) bicker constantly, two people with high frequency screen really let a gentle and refined temperament of "Li Minde" image greatly, funny side attracted fans ridicule: "gentle son caught in rival, Weiyang is completely controlled both visual sense." "Beautiful" Weiyang is a novel shot, powerful fans fans let this TV series is not broadcast before the fire, get high evaluation from the other, trailers and premiered after exposure. In addition to Li Weiyang, Tuoba Jun and other characters concern, with elegant temperament in the drama "Li Minde" is also really looking forward to. On the night of the story, Liang Zhenlun plays "Li Minde" final appearance, with Childe aura Li Minde meets eloquent "Weiyang", with skills straight down, is a bold hand clenched Weiyang, blush like Weiyang crowd a "Weiyang control", in addition, Liang Zhenlun in the play from the extreme to the chagrin of Cute shy facial expression conversion, and to deliver in dangerous Weiyang night clothes, the body potential exploration master house, extremely high difficulty of the martial arts scenes are "digest" the details of the perfect role just perfect, deductive, let Liang Zhenlun appeared to get a lot of praise. With the further development of the plot, the main characters of "phoenix" Li Weiyang, "the proud" Tuoba Jun, "haggard" reserved "Tuoba Yu, subtly malicious villain" Li Changle…… Also full debut, a play on the first two kinds of cool bursting, save the beauty, and many younger brother "Weiyang posse Lee flute debut after a sensitive de" has brought contradictions, full of surprise, the extreme contrast of the story that "Li sensitive de" anger brush sense of presence. Has a wealth of experience in the late Liang Zhenlun will give us what kind of high-energy screen, please look forward to.   相关的主题文章: