Li Xiaogong, President of Wuhan University official disclosure has left-roxane hayward

15 Apr

Wuhan University President Li Xiaogong has left the Wuhan University official disclosure of official WeChat in late November 1st "issued by the original principal mark | Luojiashan with the" red "and" disclosure: October 31, 2016, our beloved president Li Xiaogong, "brother Xiaohong" left Wuhan University, will no longer serve as president of Wuhan university. Wuhan University President Li Xiaogong from the Han, and embrace the school party secretary Han Jin. Author: Wuhan University official WeChat map of the last day of the Yangtze River Daily reporter Ke Bing reporter Ke Li Beijing October, Wuhan University teachers and students of WeChat and micro-blog spread circle of friends with a "farewell President Li Xiaogong Wu in Beijing became deputy minister of the Ministry of education". Changjiang Daily reporter yesterday to verify this aspect of Wuhan University Wuhan University, the official did not deny, but they said the exact message to the higher level department issued. Last night, Wuhan University official WeChat released "principal mark | Luojiashan a" red "and" the disclosure: October 31, 2016, our beloved president Li Xiaogong, "brother Xiaohong" left Wuhan University, will no longer serve as the post of president of Wuhan university. We could not bear your brother Xiaohong, Li Xiaogong for graduates of Wuhan University official WeChat map dial ear Wuda on the teachers and students love very ordinary principal ". These days, teachers and students of Wuhan University through various channels, to the Red Net pictures and give up principal expression, just as 6 years ago, in December 24, 2010, Li Xiaogong came to Jiangcheng from Chongqing city of Wuhan served as president of Wuhan University, Chongqing University teachers and students also expressed dismay with pictures, @ Beijing Han Han: my PhD admission three months, Xiaohong Division office Wu, Wu Xiaohong division at the farewell, I just served as associate professor at the Shenzhen University for three months. This six years, I am from new graduate to graduate tutor, which were all given worship Wuda Wuda cultivation, and great changes, obvious to people in Wuhan, Betty contribution in the history teacher, when mind for future generations. Wuda blessing, blessing Xiaohong mentor! @King Fish: Xiaohong brother, we just sit, you’re leaving, although we enrolled two months, heard about your praise repeatedly, we know that the headmaster told Xiao know we have a brother, "Xiao Honghua", I wish you a thank you Everything is going smoothly., wuhan. XX @ Malaysia: select Wuda, a large part of the reason is the principal, friendly, enterprising, feel Wuda will be better under his leadership! The evening passed the administration building is still brightly lit, but the thought is not inside Xiaohong brother, suddenly feel lost. How many Chinese university just back and forth, rarely encountered such a principal, will make thousands of students for his departure, Shuabing shenshang. Thanks to Xiao Hong so Wuda more hope of indomitable spirit, brother Wu, Wu Xiao Hong continue to care about getting better! @ Lu Wang: undergraduate, graduate, Wuda collective wedding, three Zhang Xiaohong and brother of the photo, sanshengyouxing. @ Koharu: I don’t know why, never close contact and principals, did not speak a word, but I love him very much, have been for five years. Send the most sincere 7相关的主题文章: