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16 Apr

Li Keqiang met with the governor of Quebec Province, Canada Quebec: welcome enterprises to invest in China News Agency, Beijing – in September 24 Montreal Xinhua (reporter Guo Jinchao Xu Changan) Chinese Premier Li Keqiang 23 pm local time in Montreal at the hotel met with governor of Quebec province Cuyal canada. Li Keqiang said that the friendship between China and Canada has a long history, Quebec has a long history of friendly exchanges with china. We will not forget the selfless help of Canadian friends represented by Bethune. My visit with party leaders on cooperation in the fields of the two countries reached important consensus. I believe that the steady development of China Canada relations will provide new opportunities for China to cooperate with Quebec. Li Keqiang pointed out that local cooperation is an important part of Sino Canadian relations. Quebec has an important and unique position in Canada, and has been at the forefront of cooperation with china. Canada has launched a feasibility study on the FTA feasibility study, welcomed the positive role of Quebec in this process. Chinese Quebec government welcomes enterprises to invest in China to encourage the strength of the China enterprises to carry out cooperation with Quebec, based in common tamp practical cooperation and make new contributions to the development of Sino Canadian relations. Cuyal said that Quebec province has a long history of exchanges with China, close economic and cultural cooperation. During Li’s visit, the two sides decided to start the feasibility study of FTA negotiations, Quebec to actively support this, advocates of free trade, is willing to work closely with the federal government to promote bilateral trade process. Quebec also hopes to enhance cooperation with China carbon market, welcome enterprises to carry out diversified investment China quebec. Before the meeting, Li Keqiang visited Canada’s visit to the memorial dedicated to Dr. Bethune and Canada friendship exhibition. (end)相关的主题文章: