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15 Sep

Cat, Cat Exam, Cat Prep Lets look at how to prepare a study plan for the forthcoming CAT Exam 1. Get to know the priority of CAT topics Since we hardly have 2 months left for CAT preparation, there is no point in preparing a plan that involves each and every topic of the CAT Exam. Instead coin out the important CAT topics and prepare a plan. If you still have time after getting comfortable with CAT topics then you can consider the rest. Here is the list of CAT topics that I will include in my CAT Exam study plan . CAT Exam Verbal Grammar Basics Basic Vocabulary Para Jumbles Reading Comprehension CAT Exam Math CAT Exam Algebra -Theory of Equations -Inequalities -Logarithms CAT Exam Number System CAT Exam Geometry CAT Exam Arithmetic -Percentages -Ratios -Averages -Time, Work and Distance Permutations & Combinations 2. How to find out CAT Exam topics that are to be included in the plan? A CAT exam study plan will be effective provided you have a good sense of exactly what you need to study. I will not believe if a CAT test aspirants says that he does not know anything about a single topic of the CAT exam. There are always chances that you already know some of the CAT test material well. Some of it you may only need to review, and some of it you may need to study in detail. Taking a diagnostic CAT Test is the ideal way to assess what you know and what you need to know. How was your mock CAT result? What CAT paper topics do you know well? What do CAT questions you need to review? What CAT exam topics do you need to study in detail? 3. How to manage the study plan TIME? Time Management occupies the top position in the list. Everyone out there preparing for competitive exams knows that this is the most important factor that will decide the chances of success. But very few know how to manage TIME. Because you have a basic idea of how much time you have, you can make some decisions about how you will proceed with the CAT study plan. Once you have a good sense of how much studying is ahead, create a detailed CAT exam study schedule. Use a calendar to set specific deadlines. If CAT exam deadlines make you nervous, give yourself plenty of time for each task; otherwise, you might have trouble staying calm and keeping on track. 4. How to study for the CAT Online exam? Finish CAT Quant by September End . a study plan like this will obviously go futile. Instead, you should work on a study plan that sets dates for learning specific CAT test topics. As you set your deadlines, think carefully about your day-to-day schedule. How much time can you spend on studying each week? Exactly when can you fit in the time to study? Be realistic about how much time you have and how much you can accomplish. Give yourself the CAT preparation time you need to succeed. 5. How to stick to the CAT Preparation plan? Make sure to have your CAT exam plan written on paper and posted in your room. (Dont just keep it in your head!) Look at it regularly so that you can remember what and when to study. Checking your CAT preparation plan regularly will also help you see how much progress you have made along the way. Bear in mind that you should not give up if you fall behind your CAT schedule. Don’t forget that cracking the CAT Exam is a piece of cake, if you have a good plan! CAT EXAM 相关的主题文章: