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14 Jun

Writing At some point in life, all of us think of starting life afresh. Such thoughts are more frequent during the middle age. According to a newswire story from England, the middle age is believed to start at the age of 36 and you can be called an old man or woman when you are 58. The characters in the book Lessons in Forgetting By Anita Nair also talk a lot about learning how to forget things and negative events, especially about coming to terms with the second innings of their lives. Most people of that age are keen on that topic, so the book is likely strike a rapport with the authors. Authors First Book Although writing well does not guarantee that your work will be great work of literature, one must remember Lessons in Forgetting By Anita Nair is her first book. People still look for fresh insights into life with the help of the book they are reading. Does Lessons in Forgetting By Anita Nair provide that insight? Do the readers end up more knowledgeable about man woman relationships after they have read the book? Extremely Good Prose When Anita Nair tries to convince the readers her protagonist Meera did not know her husband Giri was going to move out of the house, no convincing explanations are given although the prose of the book remains extremely good throughout. The author Anita Nair tries her best to present us with the map to lead us into the thought process of the corporate trophy wives, the reasons (lack of funds and Meeras refusal to sell the house) for Giri walking out on his wife remain somewhat unconvincing. Meera, the Sacrificial Lamb The female protagonist, Meera, has been showed as the sacrificial lamb. She knows other men only after her husband walks out. The readers keep looking for insights into the man woman relationships but its difficult to find any. The story has been left open ended, which at times looks very interesting. The Silver Lining The part which shows Meera surviving despite the absence of her husband is the silver lining of the novel. She gets a job and supports her family well, which shows she has come to terms with life without her husband well, though she is not sure what comes next in life (who is?). While writing the novel, Anita Nair appears to have put a lot of thought into her writing. She has also mentioned the instances of female infanticide prevalent in Tamil Nadu in the book Lessons in Forgetting. The presence of Jake and his comatose daughter promised a lot in the beginning but did not strengthen the story in the end. About the Author: The author Prasoon Kumar works for www.uRead.com which is the leading online bookstore that offers all the current and all time great titles at never before prices. Thinking of starting life afresh? Get hold of the copy of Lessons in Forgetting By Anita Nair at huge discount only at http://www.uread.com/book/lessons-in-forgetting-anit-nair/9788172239855. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: