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17 Nov

LDK two round of voting to plan creditor banks for strong cut stranded or bankrupt Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! LDK LDK two round of voting and reforming scheme for strong cut or stranded creditor bank bankruptcy? After the two round of voting, the restructuring plan has not been secured by the creditor’s rights group and the general creditor’s rights group, LDK restructuring plan once again stranded. Last November, Jiangxi City Intermediate People’s court announced that LDK group’s photovoltaic silicon, polysilicon, high-tech, high-tech (Xinyu) four companies to implement bankruptcy reorganization. The bankruptcy administrator shall be appointed by the bankruptcy liquidation group of Xinyu hi tech Industrial Development zone. In addition to polysilicon bankruptcy liquidation, the remaining three companies restructuring program was officially released in August this year, but in the subsequent first round of voting was rejected by the majority of creditor banks. In September, only a slight change in the reorganization plan was sent to the creditor group. However, after a new round of voting, secured creditors and ordinary creditors are not through the restructuring plan. At present already not much left LDK bankruptcy administrator of the road, after the re recruitment of strategic investors, puts forward a new scheme of road blocked, the popular social concern of the reorganization case whether it is going to most people do not want to face the "strong debt cut", or directly to terminate the restructuring procedure, bankruptcy liquidation, the time has yet to be announced. The two round of voting has not yet passed according to one of the creditor banks in September 28th, yesterday (September 27th), who informed the management results to the creditor representatives at the meeting, and exchanged views with you. However, after the reorganization of the two round of voting failed to follow the procedure, the manager did not mention." In fact, the vote was not adopted, and the restructuring plan is not expected to reach the creditors. It is understood that the 27 meeting, the majority of the creditor banks to issue additional shares to repay the debt questioned, the program by way of a fixed increase in the stock to repay the debt, which in the law there are obstacles. Commercial bank law limits that banks cannot become shareholders of other companies." The plan for high tech show, did not leave a secured creditor and debt of 10 million yuan more than the ordinary creditor’s rights, I will the issuance of shares to the creditors liquidation, repayment of the stock within 48 months (restricted) shall not be traded or transferred. "Commercial bank law" forty-second stipulates that the borrower fails to repay the loan, the commercial bank is entitled to require the guarantor to repay the principal and interest of the loan or collateral priority rights according to law. Real estate or equity commercial bank through the exercise of the right of mortgage, pledge, shall obtain the date shall be handled within two years. Forty-third set, a commercial bank shall not engage in trust investment and securities business in the territory of People’s Republic of China, not to the commercial real estate investment or investment to non bank financial institutions and enterprises, except as otherwise stipulated by the state. One of Shenzhen’s financial industry insiders said, "this is the current domestic debt of the most相关的主题文章: