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15 Apr

Lang Ping said: I have to renew the feelings of 30 years and China original title: Lang Ping: Women’s volleyball team and women’s willingness to renew deep feelings will depend on body and Beijing morning news (reporter Ge Xiaoqian) local time 6 days, Chinese "women’s volleyball coach before Lang Ping came to Austria and Vienna to meet local overseas. In the meantime, she on volleyball, the Olympic Games and other issues and the exchange of the fans. About the problem we are most concerned about, she said she had a strong desire to continue to lead, but everything depends on the physical condition of the. In the women’s volleyball competition during the Olympic Games in Rio, Lang Ping led the team to go high in lower case, in the final victory over Serbia to win, in the scene poised to win the team and the fans respect. However, in this meeting, review their performance in Rio, she said that although the need to calm myself as a coach, but the heart is also very anxious, want to win the game earlier. From the group stage to the finals, almost every game has ups and downs, but from the coach to the players are focused on the game. She said that although the first team’s performance is not ideal, but we are showing a competitor, and ultimately played a state. 30 last month, Lang Ping and China s contract officially expired, after the helm if she continues to become the most public concern. She said when asked whether the contract, "the psychological, (I) still have a very strong desire to continue coaching China team, after all I China and women’s volleyball team has over 30 years of feelings, or do you want to continue to contribute to the women’s volleyball team China." But she also revealed that she will go to the United States after the trip to Europe, to do some physical examination, depending on the specific circumstances of the test results." When it comes to the national team at present, she said that the young players have three high, tall, high intelligence, high color value. In the face of such a group of young players, they have too much and they can’t gap, also have to learn some young people like online shopping, for example, download music, but also jokes that he didn’t catch up. For the future of Chinese volleyball, she also expressed a little worried. She said she was playing volleyball volleyball team Beijing Amateur Sports School of the lot, but now the team is missing. She wants to coach the national team at the same time to promote volleyball, and hope that we can also like volleyball.相关的主题文章: