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23 Jul

Business Business card Film capacitors are made of metal foil as electrodes. They are capacitors winding self-reinforced polyglycolicacid, polypropylene, polystyrene or polycarbonate these plastic film to cylindric shape, and overlapping both ends. In addition, according to the types of plastic film, plastic film capacitor is respectively known as polyester film capacitor, (also known as Mylar capacitor), polypropylene capacitor (also known as PP capacitor), polystyrene capacitor (also known as PS capacitor) and polycarbonate capacitor. Classification of Film Capacitors 1. Electrolytes According to different electrolytes, film capacitors can be divided into the following three types: T type: the PET Polyethylene (PE p-acid salt (or ester)) P type: PP-Polypropylene (PP) N type: PEN-Polyethylene Naphthalate (PE naphtha) 2. Types of Film According to the types of plastic film, film capacitors are divided into: ethyl poly capacitors (also known as Mylar capacitors), polypropylene capacitors (also known as PP capacitors), polystyrene capacitors (also known as PS capacitor) and polycarbonate capacitor. Plastic film capacitors have the same structure with paper dielectric capacitors, with the media as polyester or polystyrene. Polyester film capacitors, enjoying high dielectric constant, small volume, large capacity, and good stability, are proper for bypass capacitor. Polystyrene film capacitors, with little dielectric loss, high insulation resistance but large temperature coefficient, can be used in high frequency circuits. 3. End Terminals Film capacitor can be divided into two classes – DC film capacitor and AC film capacitor: DC film capacitor refers to plastic film capacitor works in circuits powered by DC electrical source, which can be divided into general type, power supply electromagnetic interference suppression type, pulse type and precision type these four types; AC film capacitor refers to capacitor works in circuits powered by AC electrical source, which, by features, can be divided into motor start and run, and power factors compensation,. Advantages of Plastic Film Capacitor Thanks to many advantages, plastic film capacitor is a type of capacitor with excellent performance. Its main advantages are as follows: non-polarity, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and little dielectric loss. Based on the above advantages, plastic film capacitors are widely used in analog circuits. Especially in the even part of the signal commissure, a capacitor with good frequency characteristic and low dielectric losses is necessary in order to ensure not too much distortion occur during the transmitting of signals. Among all the plastic film capacitors, capacitance characteristics of polypropylene (PP) capacitors and polystyrene (PS) capacitors are the most notable. Of course, their prices are relatively higher. has been specializing in film capacitor, AC motor run capacitor and ceramic capacitor manufacturing since 1993. We will always try the best to meet your requirements and design for your products, please do not hesitate to contact with us if you have any questions. The article come from: More about my article, you also can read: .industrialgoods.webnode.. 相关的主题文章: