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04 Jun

Knife [exchange] soccer SMG recommended: Lars Palmas home court Lars Palmas as last season’s unbeaten start to the season championship, amazing, once ranked the Spanish League, attack comparable to Real Madrid, but recently the team fell significantly, signs seem to have been back. Lars Palmas is currently ranked seventh in La Liga, for a season just upgraded to avoid relegation as the goal of the team, the results should be quite good, but the amazing performance compared to the opening stages, the team’s performance from a single record, has been a marked decline. The last three games without a victory, although there are still Real Madrid home court draw excellent play, but also have poor performance away than 1 4 defeat of the Royal Society, the last match guest 2 2 draw with newly promoted Osasuna in stoppage time to tie the game. As the Spanish Liga authentic middle team, the new season lineup has changed greatly, in no shape, performance is difficult to pick up, home court the bad record, 2 draws and 2 losses without a win, but a better road performance trend, a recent Road 2 1 victory over Osasuna l class horse, the team also achieved at present only one victory, a 0 game home court 0 boring flat Villarreal, both sides did not create too much threat of attack. Nearly six games, two teams win their three times in their home court, performed equally well. William first compensate: 2.20 3.30 3.30    real time odds: 2.15 compared to 3.40 of 3.60 teams general strength, Lars Palmas is a low spanish dish, first lost his odds in a position, the odds structure of flat compensate low, negative compensate elevation, variable pay after the win lose continue to lower and raise the odds of Pingfu. The left leaning structure presents the trend, in general, Lars Palmas is expected to campaign unbeaten home court. More competition information and recommendations please pay attention to "knife sinks" App view. Recommendation: unbeaten home team (knife sinks) [小刀汇]竞彩足球推荐:拉斯帕尔马斯主场不败   拉斯帕尔马斯作为上赛季的升班马,本赛季开局惊艳,一度排名西甲榜首,攻击力媲美皇马,可是最近球队战绩明显下滑,似乎有被打回原形的迹象。   拉斯帕尔马斯目前排名西甲第7,对于一支上赛季刚刚升级,以保级为目标的球队来说,这个成绩应该说相当不错,可是对比开局阶段的惊人表现,目前球队的表现单从战绩来看,已经明显下滑。最近三场比赛未尝胜绩,虽然依旧有主场逼平皇马的出色发挥,却也有客场1比4惨败皇家社会的糟糕表现,最近一场比赛做客2比2战平升班马奥萨苏纳,补时阶段才扳平比分。   西班牙人作为西甲正宗的中游球队,新赛季阵容变化较大,至今磨合未见成型,表现也难有起色,主场战绩糟糕,2平2负未尝一胜,反倒是客场表现有渐入佳境的趋势,最近一个客场2比1险胜升班马奥萨苏纳,也是球队目前取得的唯一一场胜利,上一场比赛主场0比0闷平比利亚雷亚尔,双方都没有创造出太多有威胁的进攻。   近六次交锋,两队各自在自己的主场取胜三次,表现旗鼓相当。   威廉初赔:2.20 3.30 3.30   即时赔率:2.15 3.40 3.60   两队广义实力相比,拉斯帕尔马斯低西班牙人一档,现盘初赔主胜赔率开在实盘位置,赔率结构方面平赔拉低,负赔抬高,变赔之后胜赔继续拉低,平负同时抬高,整个赔率结构呈现左倾的态势,综合来看,此役拉斯帕尔马斯有望主场不败。更多竞彩资讯与推荐请关注“小刀汇”App查看。   推荐:主队不败   (小刀汇)相关的主题文章: