Ke Zhendong Tia Lee dating eats both brokers deny composite (video)

15 Apr

Ke Zhendong Tia Lee dating eats both brokers deny composite [Abstract] Ke Zhendong’s agent said: "artist friends is a private matter, companies do not interfere, thank you." Tia Lee broker caliber also said: "go out with friends, do not associate." Ke Zhendong and Tia Lee together to eat snacks Tencent entertainment news (Wen Momo) recently, Ke Zhendong and his girlfriend Tia Lee was photographed again to travel together, not surprisingly, two people for the first time to respond, "is a friend". Since 2014 July, since two people were spotted for the first time, every time, is to love, each response are friends, two people have become familiar routines. Reporters do a combing inventory, found that the number of such routines have been close to double digits. A brief introduction to the story of the two heroes. Ke Zhendong, are you familiar? "Those years" and Michelle Chen with a gun and red, then last burst of drug career came to an abrupt end. At that time, in the hands of a good opportunity, "catch the demon", "small time" for him to do a change of angle or cut lens processing. Slowly to return, smooth degree, again this year appeared in the film festival, a color value quickly get old photos, the media and the public are all surprised. Tia Lee, debut is a little Vivian Hsu, said in Taiwan pat drama, on the notice. Compared to the work, the emotional history is more abundant. The first is and has been rumored Show Luo, then Roy Chiu Tse and Tang Yan broke up, because Tia Lee in blasting. 2014, began and Ke Zhendong was photographed, denied the road. First, the first shot time: 2014.7 (before drug abuse) "Ke Zhendong Tia Lee with a careful meat goddess swim three times" response: friends in July 2014, Taiwan media photographed Ke Zhendong Tia Lee date three times a week, named "Ke Zhendong Tia Lee headlines with a thorough tour goddess meat three times". Two people love for the first time exposure. The next day, Ke Zhendong attended the nine knife producer of the film press conference in Taipei, a nine knife opening said: "welcome to the Ke Zhendong scandal clarification meeting." Ke Zhendong came to power nine knives have been Tucao laugh. However, Ke Zhendong denied contact with Tia Lee, he said that just did not know a long time with Tia Lee, recently began to contact with a lot of friends, go out. Two, was photographed time: 2015.1 (after drug) response: a friend during this episode. August 2014, Ke Zhendong temporarily withdraw from the entertainment due to drug abuse. December began to return to public service activities. In January 2015, to participate in commercial activities and full comeback. In January, Ke Zhendong was photographed in a bar in Taipei to chat, and soon after, Tia Lee. Two people sitting next to, look very happy about. Coincidentally, Tia Lee went to KTV singing the same day in micro-blog wrote: "I do not know when to meet again that day, do not separate." Ke Zhendong wrote in the 28 night: "for you! I want! However, the most brave "was shot, Tia Lee owned brokerage firm said, Li Heke is just a friend, Ke Zhendong is through the broker said:" out about friends can now no pressure to play, very happy, also hope to make some new friends car相关的主题文章: