Jolin joined the fans carnival night Huachen Yu interactive gameplay Innovation —

15 Apr

Jolin joined the fans carnival night Huachen Yu   interactive gameplay Innovation — entertainment channel, August 30th, LETV held a press conference officially announced the details of 919 black fans business day ". The meeting, representatives of the music video and Jiangsu TV the signing ceremony and officially announced, Jiangsu satellite TV and music video will top production team together to create "919 fans carnival night", the party will be on the evening of September 19th, 9:19 officially began, lasting 3 hours, the two sides will jointly broadcast platform, Jolin and Hua Chenyu became the first public artist lineup. This is the second major party after the music video following the April 13th "ecological sharing night", also means that the music video is the first in the industry within a year organized two large-scale ecological electricity supplier Carnival Party Internet Co. The combination with the first line of television, but also for the audience and users to create a set of entertainment and shopping as one of the ecological carnival. Heavy coffee star + 919 line TV fans carnival night expectations bursting in many domestic TV, music video this choice and Jiangsu TV together, with excellent team cooperation on the basis of both good and Jiangsu TV itself are inseparable. The music video has long cooperation with Jiangsu TV, with ACE variety show "masked singer" as an example, the exclusive rights for the three quarter Junhua fall music video. After the ecological cooperation in the first quarter of September 11th, for the upcoming second season of "the masked singer" cooperation between the two sides to further upgrade, not only have breakthroughs in a variety of gameplay, but also to create comprehensive network derived "I want to go to the masked", visible cooperation between the two sides have a higher understanding. In addition to the previous basis for cooperation, as the music video of the choice of Jiangsu satellite TV, but also fancy its production team of professional strength. It is reported that the Jiangsu satellite TV to participate in creating "919 fans carnival night" team is the New Year Party of the Chinese elite troops. Jiangsu satellite TV has been in the first echelon TV ratings, wide recognition of New Year party held its annual all with ingenious program settings and exquisite stage from the audience, the music video with a strong entertainment ecology and creativity, will show a unique electricity supplier Carnival feast. As early as the first half of this year, the music video has "414 hardware Free Day" to create a carnival, "the 413 ecological ecological sharing of the night, when the music video was invited to Li Yuchun, He Jiong, Coco Lee, Tang Yan, Huang Zhi column, Zhang Yixing and many other stars, Liu Chuanzhi, Li Dongsheng and other industry heavyweights. The first public lineup contains Diva Jolin and Hua Chenyu will sing popular music video, Li Li also revealed that, just from the Olympic glory return champions, and the music will be launched next to the movie star, will also have to join the 919 fans Carnival night. Coupled with Jiangsu TV’s appeal, I believe 919 fans carnival night is looking more in the subsequent star lineup. Users have started to guess, at present, the music pictures produced the film "grand track", "the Great Wall" of the creative team and Zhou Bichang, Li Yuchun had a good relationship with the music star, is likely to debut. ")相关的主题文章: