Jin Chen suspect because of the role of being robbed of a document called do not contend with you – -cashmere mafia

15 Apr

Jin Chen was suspected by the role of Zhang Tian’ai issued a document called the grab and you do not fight "- Sohu Jin Chen entertainment Sohu screenshot micro-blog entertainment news November 14th, actor Jin Chen microblogging" science and society, non defence ", micro-blog, attracted hot friends, have speculated whether this rumor and Jin Chen was robbed Zhang Tian’ai angle about. Jin Chen and fan clubs are administrative micro-blog message: "the gentleman and indisputable without behind. Zhang Tianai plays Ying Huanhuan Wang Likun as Ling Qingzhu recently, "Wu," announced the official start and the exposure of the stars of the poster, Yang Yang Lin, Zhang Tianai Wu Chun should Huanhuan, plays Lin Langtian, Wang Likun plays Ling Qing bamboo. Then someone said the crew clearly announced earlier is playing Zhang Tianai Ling Qing bamboo, why should be replaced with? "Wu move back" before the magistrate Zhang Tianai Ling Qing bamboo, and then there are a lot of hearsay or Jiang Shuying will be revealed that Jin Chen should have. Did not expect that now temporarily replacing Zhang Tianai should Huanhuan, and Wang Likun as Ling Qing bamboo, so netizens have said very confused, don’t know who is the mistress of this drama, Wang Likun is arguably not supposed to give Zhang Tianai match! Net friend: "it seems that the TV series should be happy to change is the heroine? But I do not think Wang Likun will go to Zhang Tianai to do with, ah, do not know the film side, did not set a good official on the blind, but now look at the Zhang Tianai fan in front of the number of people in front of the former president of the United States, the powerful, and so on, but also in the future, we can see that this is not a good way to do the same thing, but now we can see that this is not a good idea, but now we can see that the number of people in front of the Wu Chun, a powerful!" Previously Chuanjin morning star should have. Jin Chen issued a document: "science and society, and non defense. Wen Junhao, please!" Suspected response.   相关的主题文章: