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19 Nov

Jiangsu is now 10 yuan 1 cups of boiling water and water businesses: no service charge – Sohu news last year national day, Shandong Qingdao 38 yuan a "super prawn" aroused hot. During the National Day this year, Jiangsu, Rugao, together with a 10 yuan a cup of high boiling water event. According to people.com.cn reported on October 7th, consumers have to report during the National Day this year, he was in Jiangsu Rugao a "food and drink a cup of boiling water in Gao" restaurant, is the shop for 10 yuan. In this regard, the Rugao Municipal Price Bureau on surging news () said that after the incident was exposed, the price bureau and the local industry and Commerce Bureau has entered the restaurant for investigation and evidence collection. The restaurant operator Mr. Liu told the surging news: 10 yuan is not only boiled water, as well as the service fee, which involves the cost of tea, tableware fees. Price Bureau, or impose a fine of 5000 yuan in Rugao City Price Bureau price reporting center responsible person said surging news, "eating in Gao" breakfast restaurant form similar to the restaurant, breakfast and tea business performances, tea consumer all-weather unlimited continued cup. The restaurant tea in addition to the price tag, and placed in the hall for free use by the mouth of Xiaoping porcelain white and white dress with boiling water, boiling water and large glass ceramics with Jingdezhen. According to the restaurant operator Liu introduced after the two tea and tea are charged. Consumers in the food and dining in the restaurant bill Gao "Rugao Municipal Price Bureau after inquiry operator and the scene investigation that involved 10 yuan a cup of white boiling water contains several such services, namely, tea ceremony, all-weather can refill tea, the use of informants Jingdezhen ceramic bowl tea. However, according to the Rugao Municipal Bureau of forensic photos show, the restaurant menu is not on the 10 yuan price tags, and there is no evidence that the restaurant waiter gave something to customers first price, although the operators Mr. Liu said it has verbally informed the guests. Local price bureau said, it is these two points, leading to the restaurant in the event may be suspected of violation. According to the "price law" provisions, the operators shall not sell commodities at a premium, shall not charge any fees not specified. Price Bureau also said that the current investigation and evidence collection has been basically completed, the results of the event and the results of these two days will come out. "Such as the composition of the above violations, will be in accordance with the" on goods and services shall be clearly marked on the "regulations impose a fine of 5000 restaurants." Rugao City Price Bureau Price Report Center, a person in charge of surging news. Merchants charge "tea" service fee is reasonable? Food service fee collection phenomenon for a long time. The Xinhua news agency has published an article entitled "traditional culture or the terms of the king? Guangzhou hot tea fee abolition "reported that the Guangzhou popular tea, generally eat in the restaurant tea to be extra tea fee, but some restaurant does not speak up beforehand, will only end in a note on the bill. "Old men" has turned a blind eye to this tradition. "Eating in Gao" manager Mr. Liu also said that the Rugao area many restaurants have received similar service fee, there are 5 pieces, 2"相关的主题文章: