Jiangsu freshman participated in the new network fraud examination under 80 points again –kaya scodelario

15 Apr

Jiangsu freshman participated in the fraud examination under 80 points again – Beijing, the original title: Jiangsu freshman all participated in the "anti cheat test" recently occurred one after another college students encounter fraud, in August 27th, Jiangsu province college freshmen report to the scene, the theme of anti fraud has been the focus of attention. Daily economic news reporter noted that the freshmen of Southeast University to get a copy of the 2016 freshman safety manual. It is understood that, in order to improve the safety awareness of the students, after the opening of the University Freshmen in Jiangsu to participate in the safety knowledge test". More than 60% questions related to prevent telecommunications fraud, not up to 80 points to retake. Security knowledge Handbook updated annually, universities are also a high incidence of telecommunications fraud cases." Southeast University professor Ren Zuping, director of the Department of defense, in the case of all cases in Colleges and universities, telecommunications fraud accounted for 80%. 2014, Southeast University, a graduate student has been cheated tuition, liar fraud and Xu Yuyu case similar. Last year, two students online shopping after 10 minutes, received a refund phone liar, under the guidance of a step by step liar, cheated out of the money in the bank card. In fact, the school year will send the admission notice to students in a manual a new safety knowledge, but because the content is various, students may not read." Ren Zuping said, because many, liar tricks of the new school year emerge in an endless stream, the safety manual re editing, supplement the case of the highest frequency, the most commonly used to introduce students to cheat deception etc.. He said that in order to facilitate the students’ reading, the school will be divided into the entrance of safety manual, fraud prevention, net loan security, security papers and other 12 chapters. This year to increase the recognition of WeChat trap this year’s security manual appeared in the identification of the WeChat trap chapter. Transfer case plus anti fraud knowledge to the students in analytical way. For example, Trojan red, a college student was invited into the WeChat group, one day he received the blessing of the package in the group, usually open directly WeChat red envelopes, but this time to fill in personal information. The thought of a red envelope has 100 yuan, the patient input patience, and finally filled in the WeChat red envelopes password. Unexpectedly, he soon received the WeChat wallet information transfer red, not only did not receive 100 yuan but deducted 100 yuan. "In fact the students received the Trojans to steal Alipay, WeChat wallet, online banking account and password". Do not have to make up the anti cheat during military training, the school should through the machine in the form of "anti fraud knowledge" examination of students, must pass the exam make-up, has been taken to date by. According to reports, safety knowledge test consists of fraud prevention, fire protection, safety, travel and other aspects of the content, the relevant departments are preparing for the 1000 question exam, each exam randomly from the exam out of 100 questions, the choice and judgment of two, each question points, 80 points to pass. Because of frequent telecommunications fraud, so the relevant departments were set up, how to prevent fraud class questions will not be less than 60%." Ren Zuping introduced this year, Jiangsu college freshmen will be so.相关的主题文章: