Jiangsu environmental governance key war broke before the end of the introduction of soil ten-misao

17 Apr

Jiangsu environmental governance key war broke before the end of the introduction of soil ten "emphasizes the construction of ecological civilization and ecological environment protection, is a distinctive feature of the report of the Secretary Li Qiang." At the meeting, the provincial Party Congress, the provincial environmental protection department director, party secretary Chen Mengmeng took the report file, turn a lot of times, to find out the reference to "environmental protection" part, repeated reading experience. Chen Mengmeng told reporters that in the past five years, Jiangsu achieved remarkable results in ecological construction, but the standard of a relatively high level of comprehensive well-off society, the ecological environment is still prominent short board. Just before the end of this year, Jiangsu will be the most serious environmental problems, take the special action started, gas treatment, flood control, soil management, the three battle, soil pollution prevention plan of action in Jiangsu will also be introduced during the year. Xinhua newspaper all media reporter Zhang Keshi Lei high level comprehensive well-off society, the ecological environment is the obstacles that must be overcome in the Chen Mengmeng notice, Li Qiang Secretary of the report on ecological construction is expounded the results obtained in the last five years, also pointed out that the distance of building a well-off society in the gap between the standard. He turned over the report, while the reporter interpretation that the report mentioned in the past achievements, ecological environment and urban and rural living environment improved, energy saving and emission reduction exceeded the national task, air and water quality of the environment gradually improved, the forest coverage rate reached 22.8%. "But. Secretary Li Qiang pointed out the difficulties and challenges along the way, the "three control" in people’s lives to mention five aspects, and the degree of social civilization and the difference among them is "ecological environment"." The report made by the seven "focus", which is the next five years the development of the seven major tasks, with a greater length, elaborate efforts to promote the construction of ecological civilization, and points out that the ecological environment is the "outstanding short board" the construction of a comprehensive well-off society in our province. "General Secretary Xi Jinping once said that" the overall well-off is not comprehensive, the ecological environment quality is the key, "explains well-off, the ecological environment is a threshold current must be crossed." Chen Mengmeng believes that the treatment of high incidence of environmental pollution, Jiangsu has made some achievements, such as the management of water quality in Taihu, fine particulate matter (PM2.5) governance. 2015 compared to the high incidence of haze around the year of 2010, the concentration of PM2.5 has dropped by more than 20%, the number of days has improved by 5.7%. "The results are effectively improved, but there is a gap between the ‘good’ standards." The Yangtze River will eliminate more backward production capacity, ecological restoration of shoreline Chen Mengmeng, highlighted in the report of Li Qiang Secretary of the Yangtze River economic belt construction, a month ago, the provincial Party committee held a planning meeting. "In the report, but also reflects the development orientation of the Yangtze River economic belt, is the comprehensive implementation of the general secretary Xi Jinping held in Chongqing to promote the Yangtze River Economic Belt Development Forum on the spirit of" grasping the protection, not to engage in development. "." He believes that, for Jiangsu, the territory of both sides of the Yangtze River should be based on the transformation and upgrading, based on high-tech industries, the use of the golden waterway of the Yangtze River, the transformation and upgrading of the eight cities along the river.相关的主题文章: