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15 Apr

Jiang Jinfu tearful Jie "really male" inside edge edge charge monitor heatstroke spit [Abstract] 90 tough guy actor Jiang Jinfu in just attended the "real man" after recording a video Tencent came to the "big scene here". Mention the "true man" experience, emotion. Jiang Jinfu guest "big" to (watch) Jiang Jinfu "real man" spoilers did not broadcast the plot: sun Yang Kunian letter, Tencent 90 entertainment news monitor heatstroke tough actor Jiang Jinfu in just attended the "real man" after recording a video Tencent came to the "big scene here". Mention the "true man" experience, emotion. In this big trip, Fu Tsai showed his face several other traits: not only has a powerful muscle, it can act as a go-between needlework, also broke the news of your standard. Jiang Jinfu accidentally spoilers "really male" "true man" recorded quite difficult conditions, Jiang Jinfu recalls his most impressive thing is to monitor the temperature at 41 degrees in summer, there was the phenomenon of heat stroke, but still insist on the charge side side of the spit. In this way has been run through the whole process, so the warrior spirit, is the ordinary people can not understand the strong. Fu Tsai also recalled the investiture ceremony representatives have eyes suffused with tears, feeling when the soldier is not easy. Recording "real man" after all kinds of twists and turns, the time span is also great. From the heat of the first station to the last stop of winter, the whole year. Memories of the time at that time, the husband is still very emotional: I feel the soldiers of the army is not easy and hard. Look at the wonderful upright Fu Tsai "really" male guests about the evaluation of every guest in the "real man" in personality, Fu Tsai also talked about. He said that Huang Zitao is honest, fearless. Sun Yang is a particularly stupid simple, a person without a heart is particularly direct. Yang Mi is a Virgo, the true nature of the people, she did not hide. Fu Tsai "really male" the scene of the accident, the scene to sing songs in the "real man" program, Fu Tsai singing because of too much investment, in the roar from "unity is strength" was in front of the audience had broken voice. And this came to the big girl, Aya gave Jiang Jinfu a "start with a clean slate", sang songs again. Play is actually a lot better than "real man", there is no broken sound and strange, it seems very investment and relaxation. Real men do manual? Fu Tsai show her work first came to the big girl Jiang Jinfu, just getting started is difficult "small Zhao have not prepared a gift today?" Fu Tsai honestly said no, then the small Zhao under the guidance for host Aya sewing a small doll as a gift. The unexpected is always with rough robust label Jiang Jinfu, also did not can’t do anything in manual: though the technique is not so skilled, but also at the sewing needle and wire, and didn’t procrastinate for a long time. It seems that men also have a delicate side. Jiang Jinfu’s husband and son choose a wife standard freaky Xiaolu kissing time Fu Tsai in the program, talking about his mate: first table must have a healthy body, not too thin, hair should not be too long; there must be a good way of life, the character to be mature, the best little princess disease so, to have been loved her. Talk about it.相关的主题文章: