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18 Nov

Japanese media: Trump was elected or Japanese GDP low 0.71% original title: Japanese media: Trump was elected Japan’s GDP or low [0.71%] global network reporter Ma Li reported the "Japanese economic news" reported on 11 November, if Trump wins the United States presidential election led to the appreciation of the yen and Japan fell into a long-term, "Andouble economics" will be affected. According to Japan’s big and total research estimates, due to the victory of Trump, Japan’s real gross domestic product (GDP) is likely to be pulled down by 0.71%. In addition, as one of the pillars of Andouble’s economics, work style reform may also be subtle influence. The Andouble administration wants to increase the number of foreign workers. In contrast, Trump argued that immigrants are taking jobs, has been called for "in the United States and Mexico border to build a wall", etc.. Japan’s top cabinet expressed concern that the reception of foreigners will become increasingly difficult". A large part of the impact on the enterprise is difficult to predict. Trump has criticized the pharmaceutical companies from the United States to obtain improper benefits of the health insurance system. For the pharmaceutical manufacturers in Japan, the U.S. market uncertainty or will increase. In addition, the United States, Texas’s high-speed rail project plans to introduce Japan’s shinkansen. Japan’s Ministry of land and transportation, said, I have not heard of Trump’s negative attitude towards infrastructure construction, but the actual response is still unknown. Editor: Chen Chen SN225相关的主题文章: